Chael Sonnen Speaks On Anderson Silva Being Upset With Not Fighting In Brazil, Calls Silva a “Fake Brazilian”


Chael Sonnen recently spoke about UFC 148 being moved from Brazil to Las Vegas and his opponent Anderson Silva having a right to be upset about the change. Here is what he had to say:

On Silva being a “fake Brazilian”:

“I don’t know that I fault him. He was told he would get a fight in Brazil. He, like Wanderlei and like Vitor, pretend to people they’re from Brazil, even though they left over a decade ago. Vitor and Wanderlei live in gated communities in Las Vegas. Wanderlei drives an Aston Martin, OK? He lives in an American home and drives a $200,000 car made in England. That’s how loyal he is to Brazil. He claims Brazil when it’s convenient, kind of like Vitor. Vitor was born in Rio and goes on – quoting here – to vacation to Rio. A vacation to his hometown. That’s how long he’s been gone form there. 

These guys are Brazilian when it’s convenient – when they go back and take Brazil’s money back to America. It’s just like Anderson. He pretends he’s from Brazil. He pretends he can’t even speak the language, at times. Of course, he bought a $2 million mansion in Beverly Hills out of money he made in North America. The point that I’m getting at, these fake Brazilians – that when it’s convenient claim that country – he wants to fight there? Fine. I get it. He was told the fight was going to be there. So if he’s upset it got moved back to the country that made him famous and rich, that’s up to him. I get it.”

On Silva “ducking” him:

“He ducked me for six years. For six years I called him out. There’s no way around that. There’s no two ways around that. You can go on the Internet and find it with me poking my finger in his chest. If anybody poked their finger in my chest for a fight, they’d be fighting me right then.”

“He ducked me for six years. He had other business. He had to fight a one-legged Canadian named Cote. He had to fight the amazing Thales Leites. He had to go to England to take on the undersized, dangerous Lee Murray. He was busy in Japan with Ryo Chonan. He didn’t have any time for the gangster from West Linn, Oregon, Chael P. Sonnen. He still doesn’t have time.”

“He’s not agreeing to this fight. He’s fighting because Dana is making him fight. I am a volunteer army. I wasn’t drafted for this position. I have volunteered for this position. I have begged for this position. I just know one thing: On July 7, Bruce Buffer will announce, ‘And still undefeated and still undisputed and still named Chael P. Sonnen.'”

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