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With all the lights and action in the UFC, literally millions of people are connected to this phenomena that has over taken the Martial Arts culture by storm. Just one generation from the day’s of Bruce Lee there is a tale to tale in the Spirit of the Martial Arts and it’s possessor’s. This tale begins with the simple truth’s that man or woman will encounter as they begin the Journey as a fighter. Every fighter must first take that step, then, continue without hesitation to the destiny of being the best at their craft. Year after year, coaches in the corner and Dojo after Dojo; then, perfection is in sight, of course till you meet some one at a higher ability level ,then training repeats itself. Every human being experiences wins and defeats on and off the Matt. We are mortal and most us accept that, however, many have the road of “Hardknocks” were you get beat up and feel this is necessary to be better in the cage, eventually leading to serious injury and a strong spirit, but unable to train or have the desire for the thing you loved most at one time. This is unfortunate on so many level’s.
A Boxing coach from Corpus Christi, Tx. Mr Larry Longoria, at the the age of 72 yrs, was training his students one day and he kept repeating to his students, “I’ve trained with the best in my day “Lefty Barrera” Blacky Zamora” etc. I used to get beat up every day, I want to teach you the things, I had to learn the hard way, I don’t want you to learn that way” as he continued to scream JAB, JAB, JAB!!!

You know the saying, “every dog has it’s day,” one day that level of enlightenment will dawn on every fighter, but, there is good news on the horizon. Just like Larry that old boxing coach stated “I don’t want you to be ill prepared for the fight”. According to DogBoxer Management, Las Vegas  has a tremendous opportunity that is being made available, with mega fight training camps like Tiger Muay Thai, Sidney Silva BJJ, Fight Church and Dog Boxer. There is now availability stretching throughout the world to create and affordable and family based training camp designed to explode your fight game. There are training facilities literally all over the world and the fee’s are tremendously adjusted to fit the fighters long term budget. Did I mention you also get the management and team support, this level of support is to insure the fighter doesn’t have to learn the hard way. Officially Corpus Christi, Tx is now on the map to this tremendous effort that will revolutionize the future MMA training, it’s experiences, the people and places is what makes this a must in the fighter portfolio. Lions Den, under the direction of Tommy Montoya, has been humbly building the programs for this very day, it’s components in place and the head from management in Las Vegas, you can expect great things from this global team that has a vision to give fighter the biggest experience known to date.

I think most importantly is the thing itself, I have spoken to Lance Foreman of DogBoxer and his team in Vegas and the common denominator of the bunch is our team want’s people to learn from our experiences, we want them better and give them so much more.


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