Dana White Speaks On Roy Nelson Moving Weight Classes


UFC President recently spoke about Roy Nelson, here is what he had to say…

On Nelson being a contender:

“You’ve got to want to do it. You’ve got to want to get in there and take it serious. Seriously diet, seriously train, and then you’re going to have to cut some weight the day of the fight.”

On Roy Nelson being stubborn:

“I’ve encouraged him to shave his face and cut his hair, too, but he doesn’t want to listen to that, either, so whatever.”

On Nelson’s abilities:

“Listen, he’s a tough guy with a ton of heart,” White said. “He goes in there and gives it his everything. My thing is I’ve always said to him, ‘I’d love to see you take this thing serious and really rip off some weight and try to fight. When you’ve got a chin like that and a heart like that, I mean, you can’t deny the guy’s got a great chin, great heart, and he can knock people out, too.”

On moving down to Light-Heavyweight:

“If he really could get to 205, he’d be a force at 205. He’d be a scary dude. He’s got great wrestling, awesome submissions, great chin, a ton of heart, and has knockout power. Who knows what Roy Nelson could achieve if he applied himself. As long as I’ve known Roy Nelson, as long as he’s been in this business, he’s been big” White said. “And it’s not like when you get these guys at 185 and they wrestled their entire high-school and maybe college careers¬†and they’re used to cutting weight. I don’t think that’s going to be easy for a guy who’s been big his whole life like he has.”

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