Nick Diaz to Face Anderson Silva?


Posted By Brandon Barela

After hints of retirement following a decision loss to Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz has since negated that notion by showing interest in a possible bout with Anderson Silva. The middleweight champion has stated that he wants a high profile match up for his next fight and Chris Weidman or Tim Boetsch will not suffice since both are not household names. All other middleweight contenders are currently mixed up with other fights or rehabbing from injuries so the possibility of a Silva/Diaz is not too farfetched. The fight could be UFC gold since it would be marketable just as much if not more as the Silva vs. Sonnen 2 since Diaz is the biggest trash talker inside the cage will skill to match. Diaz has seen success at middleweight during his Strikeforce days but he is coming off a loss so the justification of a bout between the two might never surface unless Diaz pairs a few wins over quality opponents. Cesar Gracie will be in negotiation with Dana White on August 6th about the possibility, so let’s hope he lays on his best used car salesman tactics and gets the UFC president to agree. Stay tuned for updates.


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