Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve Extremely Confident Going Into UFC 146 Against Lavar Johnson


Stefan Struve spoke recently spoke further on his fight this weekend with Lavar Johnson at UFC 146. Here is what he had to say…

On his physical abilities:

I think on a good day I can beat anybody in the division if I can use my physical abilities to the point that I should use them. I’m not worried about fighting anybody on the ground. It’s just about being confident and leaving it all in the cage. If I do that, I don’t see anybody (beating me).” 

On Lavar Johnson:

“He’s going to come in here and swing. I think he knows if this fight hits the ground, he’s in a world of trouble. I’m going to throw any submission I know at him. This is a fight. If he (Johnson) doesn’t want to go to the ground, he should go box or kickbox or whatever. If I take him down, he’s mine.” 

“People say he hits so hard, but he hits so hard because he throws everything he’s got. He has no ground game. He’s looking for the knockout. That’s all he’s got. I think if I use my reach and use my height the way I should, he’s not even touching me.” 

On his weak ground game:

“I think a lot of fans know Lavar because of his last two fights (in the UFC). If you only look at those fights (in Strikeforce, then he looks good). In his last two fights last year in Strikeforce, he lost via submission. Then he almost got submitted in his fight against Pat Barry. That tells me a lot.” 

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