UFC 146’s Frank Mir Say’s It’s Going to Make Him Upset If Dos Santos Refuses To Tap


UFC Heavyweight Number 1 ContenderFrank Mir recently spoke about breaking Antinio Rodrigo Nogueira‘s arm and Saturday’s fight with UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos. Here is what he had to say…

On Nogueira refusing to tap:

“Honestly, I don’t like the fact that Nogueira didn’t tap and got an arm broken. He looked very sharp in that fight. I think it would have made me look better had he tapped and went on and had another two or three wins. Let’s face it: You’re only as good as your competition. If he doesn’t fight anymore, if he doesn’t fight at a high level, then I beat a guy at the end of his career. If he goes and strings together two or three wins, how good do I look?”

On Dos Santos possibly doing the same:

“If I grab him and he doesn’t tap, it’s going to make me a little upset,” he said. “I don’t want to have to break his arm, but I want to win the fight. If he doesn’t tap, he’s 28 years old. He still could come back and do well. If he injures himself, he’s a great athlete, so I don’t it’s not smart for him. … If he starts feeling the pressure, come on guys. It’s been 10 years. If you don’t know what’s going to happen by now.”

On his storied career in the UFC:

“Well, I got hit by a car, lost the title, had some [expletive] fights, stayed in it, back against the wall,” he said. “(UFC president) Dana (White) will tell you himself that he had a conservation with me that he was basically going to let me go if I didn’t win impressively against (Antoni) Hadronk (at UFC 74). I fought all the way back from that to submit Brock Lesnar to take on Antonio Nogueira for the interim title. First guy to knock him out. In my past 10 fights, I’m 8-2 and now fighting [Dos Santos] for the title. I don’t know what it is. I guess I’m stupid and don’t know when to quit.”

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