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I would like to welcome Tommy Montoya to the Knuxx.com family. Tommy has a nonprofit gym in Corpus Christi, Texas and has been training disadvantaged kids there for many years.  I first met Tommy a couple of years ago in Reno, Nevada when he came out to have a meeting with myself and Ken Shamrock. Ken approved of Tommy coming under the Lions Den and Tommy felt he was divinely inspired to carry on the name. Fast forward a couple years and Tommy is growing in the East Texas Coast. He is coming under the DogBoxer banner as well and will be using the DogBoxing concepts for his stand up and Sidney Silva BJJ for his jitz. He is also creating his own Fight Church in Texas. Tommy is surely plugging into Las Vegas and utilizing the many opportunities we enjoy and making them available to the people of the great state of Texas. Tommy will be the place to get War Tape and wraps as well as EON Supplements. Sidney Silva, Josh Boyd, and myself will be making a trip out there soon to line Tommy out – we will also be looking to get him some pro MMA fighters. We are happy for the opportunity and expect many good things to come of the partnership.

I would also like to welcome Mike Smith to the Knuxx.com family. Mike is the head coach for the Wand Fight Team. He is a top trainer in town and a go-to guy for the MMA and boxing scene here in Las Vegas. Mike comes from the famed Gleasons gym in New York where he was recruited by Renzo Gracie – where he served as the striking coach for many years before coming to Las Vegas and heading up the Wand Team. Mike has forgotten more than most guys know in this business and is a true professional in the game. I appreciate his friendship and he is always there to ask the tough questions. He is a great supporter of DogBoxer as well as War Tape – he is one of the men responsible for the rise to stardom of our very own Dave Mazany. Dave speaks very highly of Mike and how Mike has been a big part of Dave’s success. It’s a pleasure to work with both men -they work hard and have made their bones many times over – which is not an easy thing to do here in Sin City.

On a side note – it looks like Lyoto Machida is next in line to fight Jon Jones if Jones beats Dan Henderson. Machida is the type of fighter that evolves and learns from his losses – I expect to see a much different fight than the first one and this makes him dangerous. Many guys can teach a guy how to fight – only a few can teach you how to win and in my opinion he is learning how to win. The Brazilians are always evolving and willing to learn new things. There have been so many incredible BJJ experts from Brazil who end up with great stand up and even wrestling. They have the true MMA spirit – always working, always evolving, willing to do what ever it takes to become a better fighter. I think this trend will continue as the Brazilian athletes sacrifice and travel and do whatever it takes to rise to the top. Machida might very well be a good example of this principle – in all probability we soon shall see.






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I grew up in Northwest Indiana about an hour from Chicago. I went to Taylor University in Indiana, married my high school sweetheart, had 3 kids, served as a pastor for 10+ yrs in Indiana. Then, in 2007, we moved to Las Vegas to help plant a church. In 2010, I started a ministry called Fight Church and became a full-time MMA Chaplain. I was like a lot of guys when I was a kid. I loved pro wrestling and martial arts movies. When I was in high school I was really into bodybuilding and weight training. I would often look through the Sports & Special Interests section at the video store hoping to find a new dumbbell workout video or bodybuilding documentary. Mostly I found sports bloopers and old women's aerobics videos, but one day I found UFC 1 on sweet VHS and the rest is history!

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