An Interview with New Mexico’s own Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means

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I recently had the opportunity to interview rising UFC fighter, and Albuquerque’s own Tim “The Dirty Bird” means. Check out the highlights and full video below.

Question:Is it a advantage for you going into the fight with your striking abilities knowing your opponent will be looking to take you down get you on your back.? Not wanting to strike with you?


Answer : Kinda I guess. But I have to say wrestling is my roots and I’ve  to striking really well through working harder then anyone else. And the work shows off in the fight.

Question:Your upcoming bout with Justin Salas how do you break it down from your opinion?


Answer: From my opinion I feel hes going to come and try to stand with me. He thinks hes adapted from wrestling in to a boxer. I feel when we start to exchange an I catch him a few times he’ll go back to his wrestling and it will be time to stuff a few take downs.


Question: How was it taking a fight on short notice making the jump into the UFC?


Answer: It was every exciting. I was coming off of just winning the King Of The Cage Light weight world  title. Got a phone call saying somebody couldn’t make the fight, which gave me a fight with Bernardo Magahles who had a bunch of hype behind him. I was still in good shape and was really excited to step up and show the world who we are. Went in to that fight really really respected his ground game so I stayed patient didn’t follow him to the ground. I was kinda disappointed that it went to the decision. But was real happy with following the game plan and staying patient in the fight.


Question: Where you frustrated in the Magahles fight with his antics falling down and being hesitant to get back up?


Answer: I was more angry that I want that win bonus or knock out of the night bonus or that fight of the night bonus. He had started cramp with me in Omaha smirking and had kinda been laughing at me thinking that I didn’t take this serious or whatever. And you know I’m Jerry Springer Style and I like make my fights personal. He played right into my game, he didn’t want to engage, he kept going backwards. That’s the kind of fight my coaches told he it would be and I stuck to being patient.


Question:How important do you feel body shots are in MMA  to breaking a opponent down in a three round fight?


Answer: I think there everything. I think to many people head hunt during a fight. One body shot is all it takes to swing the momentum of a fight. I  got to lands some good shots on Bernardo’s body and he really didn’t like em. I think they took out his legs on his take downs and made a big difference going in to the third round.

Want to hear more? Check out the full interview below.