Anderson Silva Blames Injury for His Loss to Weidman!

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Posted by Guest MMA Blogger Art Smith

So, Anderson Silva says it isn’t an excuse, but he was only 85% healthy going into the Weidman fight due to a rib injury.  The same thing he said after the first Sonnen fight.  In a Bleacher Report article I read about the comments, the reporter asked, “Will Silva prove the first win was a fluke or will “The All-American” showcase that he truly is the best there is to offer at 185 pounds?”

Well, I guess we will see, but one thing that is for sure, if Silva loses again or has a bad showing, it will most likely be due to a rib injury!

If you ask any fighter and they are being honest, they would say it is rare to enter a fight at 100% and most of the time all fighters are dealing with some sort of nagging, ongoing injury, a harder than usual weight cut or something. However, it is very rare for a fighter to let these things keep them from competing because they need to fight in order to make a living. If the injury or issue ensures a lose or has the potential to end a career, then and only then, will a fighter pull out of a fight.

In the case of Anderson Silva, all of this is ridiculous because 85% is probably average for most, he doesn’t need the money and he didn’t lose the fight as a result of Weidman taking him to the mat and pounding him in the ribs. He lost by dancing around like a clown and getting clipped in the jaw! Injury or not, Silva lost because he thought he was invincible and couldn’t be beat.

That is what I think.  What are your thoughts?