Are Fighters Insane Not To Have A Manager?

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John Fosco recently had some things to say about the for representation for negotiations . Here are some highlights:

On the need for representation:

“To not have a professional manage your career, deal with paperwork, deal with travel, deal with PR, deal with sponsors, deal with social media – it’s insane.”

On one of the fighters he recently handled:

“One of my sponsorship accounts sponsored him,” Fosco said. “And this guy, outside of doing PR and preparing for a fight, he’s negotiating with me two days before the fight. He’s looking for a printer in Columbus, Ohio. He’s jumping out of the sauna while he’s cutting weight for one of the biggest fights of his life to deal with me.”

On the UFC:

“Nowadays, I’ll admit the UFC  is not easy to negotiate with,” he said. “You probably have negotiating power on five percent of the roster. The other 95 percent you don’t. That being said, what makes a good manager or agent is the ability to procure big dollars in sponsorship.”

Why fighters need managers:

“Even when these things work out and a fighter’s career progresses, it’s never peaches and cream,” Davis said. “Fighters lose flights, get hurt, piss off people, miss appointments, spend all their money, and get knocked out. At these moments, they remember and understand what a manager stands for.”