Bacon Can Make You Look Awesome – by Daniel Rocha

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Everyday in my job, every woman has something she needs to get ready for.  Whether it’s a party, a board meeting, wedding, or award ceremony – you name it, there is always something on the horizon that needs a quick fix.

Well if you haven’t heard of carb-back loading it will soon become something huge and very popular.   So let me introduce you to a brief example.  This is an example I gave a current client that needed to fit into a tight black dress for an upcoming dinner ceremony for work.  She was getting an award for her achievement in local business.  Needless to say she worked her tail off (literally) and not only fit into her dress but was given a raise as a bonus to her award.

Let me run it down for you….

Day 1, 3, and 5: fasted cardio in the morning.

Intervals. 30–60 seconds all-out effort followed by 4–4:30 minutes at a recovery pace. Do this for 45min.

Stick with your normal weight workouts and do them at least 6 hours after cardio

Day 2, 4 and 6 …

Cardio to be done at steady pace, 1 hour … ride the recumbent bike if your energy sucks.  No Training


Days 1–6.5 (the second half of the sixth day will be different)

Eat protein and fat foods at all meals.

Example: 150lb Female

7 a.m.  2 slices Bacon and  2 whole eggs
10 p.m. 2oz Steak and 1 whole egg  1 slice bacon
1 p.m. 2 slices Bacon / 3oz chicken breast
4 p.m.  2 slices Bacon / 2oz salmon fillets
7 p.m. 4oz low fat Cottage Cheese 1oz almonds

Drink 24-32oz water / green tea with every meal.

Post workout you will eat only protein, no veggies, they are fillers and can cause constipation. There’s no room for carbs here because you need to lean out fast, and any blood sugar spike is going to slow down your ability to burn fat.

A note about caffeine. Feel free to abuse the hell out of coffee, energy drinks (zero carb), and anything else you need to keep your eyes open and on the prize.  Energy will be low because when your body is burning body fat, it really sucks.  Plus you will be peeing a lot so if you need panty liners, wear them, trust me you will need it.  If caffeine hinders your sleep, drink only water from 3pm on.

Days 1 and 2 are not so bad… its day 4 on that will challenge you.  So bear in mind and prepare yourself.

Day 6.5–7

From 5 p.m. (or whenever your meal 5 occurs on) until you pass out, it’s time to toss it back again. Get after it and shove all those beautiful carbs right into your muscles. Rice, pasta, and potatoes. Cake, cookies, etc… I enjoy cookies just in case anyone cares.  But feed and refeed.  You will feel full soon, so pace yourself.  Stop before your tummy begins to hurt.

The next morning you will wake up looking better than when you started.  This is aggressive and I only recommend you doing this a couple times a month.  This is a form of carb-back loading.  This plan will challenge you but will bring out the best in you as well.

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Now you don’t have to go into your exercise week blindly again.


Daniel Rocha
NPC National Athlete
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