Boyd Allen Hits Back At The Critics!

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by Jayson du Toit

There has been a lot of talk lately about Boyd Allen and his upcoming fight against Hanru Botha. Critics have been firing from all ends in disapproval of this fight as well as his career decisions that “he” has made so far. However in saying this how easy is it to judge a fighter from an outsiders point of view whether it be a fan to anybody else? How much do we really know about the inner workings of the sport we love so dearly? One thing stood out for me after the interview and it reminded me of a legendary boxer Joe Louis because from December 1940 to May 1941 Joe fought a series of opponents regardless of stature or title and so the phrase was coined: “The Bum of the Month club”. Why am I comparing? because both Boyd and Joe have something in common…They just want to fight!

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