Braekhus Ducks Holm in Mega-Fight

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Within 24 hours of the World Boxing Council announcement of a mega-fight between Holly Holm and Cecilia Braekhus, Braekhus’ promoter, Sauerland Boxing, contacted Holm and Fresquez Productions, saying that Brakehus had instead taken a fight with 45 year old Mia “The Knockout” St. John (47-12-2) in Denmark on April 13th.

Braekhus and Holm would have been competing for the Diamond Belt in what has been called “one of the best fights in the history of female boxing”. Had Sauerland and Fresquez been unable to reach an agreement, the WBC had set a purse bid to take place February 15 in Mexico City. Fresquez has questioned the WBC regarding the outcome of the Braekhus-Holm purse bid, and also petitioned to the World Boxing Association to order welterweight champion Braekhus to a mandatory fight with Holm, who is the number one contender.

Holly Holm
Holly Holm

Last December Braekhus initiated talks of a meeting with Holm by sending a video to both Fresquez and media outlets asking for a fight in July in Las Vegas. Holm accepted, only to have Braekhus back out. “This is an embarrassment for our sport,” Fresquez said. “Holly Holm is the Queen of Boxing and she was ready to fight Braekhus. They’ve been using Holly’s name for the last two years, so they could build Braekhus’ name, and we’ve been chasing her for that long. Based on their decision to fight Mia, they obviously aren’t serious about fighting Holly. I don’t understand why they challenged Holly and then, after we had accepted their challenge, ducked her again. Maybe they expected certain demands from us, giving them an easy way out of the fight, to make them look good in the media and public. In that video, Breakhus made a big deal about Holly being knocked out by (Ann Sophie) Mathis, but Holly showed the heart of a champion by sticking to her game plan to win their rematch. Braekhus used Holly’s same game plan to beat Mathis. Sauerland and Braekhus have turned their backs, once again, on being in the greatest women’s fight of all-time, which is another black eye for women’s boxing.”

In place of fighting Holm, Braekhus will instead face two-time world champion Mia St. John, who, since being defeated by Holm in 2005, has gone 5-6 in her past 11 bouts. As reigning WBC and World Boxing Organization champion, Braekhus should be looking to fight top-notch challengers, and many people feel St. John does not present as large of challenge to Braekhus as Holm would. A comparison of the two shows who is the bigger threat.

                                                          Holly Holm                   Mia St. John

Age                                                           31                                   45

World Titles                                              14                                    2

World Title Fights Record                         21-1-1                             3-5

Record vs. World Champions                   14-1-1                             1-8

Common Opponents:

Christy Martin                                      WDEC10                  LDEC10 & WDEC10

Jamie Clampitt                                     WTKO1                    LDEC10

Present Ratings:

WBC                                             #1 Welterweight             #9 Super Welterweight

WBAN                                           #1 Welterweight             #4 Super Welterweight

WBA                                             #1 Welterweight             #5 Super Welterweight

Box Rec                                         #1 Welterweight             #9 Welterweight

“We’re not waiting around to fight anybody,” Fresquez noted. “Holly can be a world champion in MMA, too, but boxing is her first love. We can’t make Braekhus fight Holly. Unfortunately, the dilemma for Holly is that there just aren’t any big names left for her to box, at least those ready and willing to fight her.” Fresquez also announced that Holm would be competing in a Bellator MMA fight in Rio Rancho, New Mexico February 28th at the Santa Ana Star Casino.

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