#BUIRSKIARMY: David Buirski

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David Buirski is back on the winning road with an impressive victory over Nicholas Radley (welterweight)at EFC Africa 21. David has a new game plan and a new mindset. In this interview we get to know more about the EFC prospect David Buirski…

KNUXX SA: In one of your tweets you refer to yourself as the working class and not a full time fighter…please explain?

DAVID: Yeah it is what it is hey, we all work full time and Gareth and I actually run our own plumbing business. I know a lot of other fighters do this as well and I got the biggest respect for them, because it’s not easy at all. The guys that train and fight full time should not take it for granted cause they are very blessed, they are more likely to reach their full potential as they have more hours to work on everything they need to. For us it’s a hobby and a side line job but we still dedicate many hours of our lives to this cause we love the sport and competition, it’s tough but we love it, it’s basically wake up, train, work 10 hours, train, sleep and repeat for 2-3 months before a fight its tough but like I said we love it. Would obviously love to know what our full potential would be if we could train full time, cause right now we get almost a 3rd of the technical training the full time guys get but we seem to be hanging in there, this is always on my mind.

KNUXX SA: Congratulations on your win Against Radley at EFC Africa 21 you are now back on the winning road. How have you changed you game after the loss to Tyrone Rightford and what can we expect from you in upcoming fights?

DAVID: Thanks a lot, it’s great to be back on winning ways hey, I was in a bit of a bad mind set there for a while and had not picked up a win in 1 year, it’s tough when that happens but I kept grinding and it finally paid off again and it was the best feeling in the world. It taught me a few lessons which I am very happy for. My game plan has not changed much, although I went back to my Muay Thai roots and it has boosted my confidence through the roof. I think I was giving my opponents way to much respect and underestimating myself a lot. I believe I have a good skill set; I’m strong and capable so my opponents can expect a very aggressive man coming at them when I fight.

KNUXX SA: I know it is up to the EFC but if you could pick who would you fight next?

DAVID: Jay my man, the #buirskiarmy doesn’t choose fights we fight anyone they give us. We not in this to pick who we want when we want, we want to fight anyone and everyone to test our skills and levels. A fighter’s career is not a long one and especially when you start late like I did so I want to fight everyone and anyone at any given time they want me too. Sounds cliché but it’s the truth straight up.

KNUXX SA: You started your career in Muay Thai. Back in those days what weight division did you fight in?

DAVID: I started my Muay Thai at a staggering 108 kg’s ha-ha; I used to compete at super heavy weight and then the heavyweight division. It’s crazy to think back at that and at what weight I competed, would like to go back and compete at 77kgs I think it would be fun lol

KNUXX SA: How did you make the transformation to the fighter you are today?

DAVID: A lot of hard work and dedication as well as some great coaches and mentors along the way. But I believe that hard work always pays off and there is no real substitute for that, so I just try giving it my all in every aspect of my game and try to improve each fight I take!

KNUXX SA: Do you think the popularity of the Buirski Army is the start of a legacy for the brothers?

DAVID: Ha-ha 🙂 it’s pretty cool how it just started on twitter one day and it just took off. I just think people enjoy us because we just normal, down to earth guys who work full time and always come prepared to fight no matter what. I think people can relate to that. Go to thank all the #BuirskiArmy fans for all the support, its drives us on and on!!

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Also thanks to my fiance Nicci for the love and support you give me everyday. To my manager Grant and my whole team of trainers. Thank you for all the effort you guys put into us and how you believe in us. Thank you to all my training partners who are my good friends now, you guys are boss.