#BUIRSKIARMY: Matt Buirski

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We caught up with Matt Buirski just before his EFC Africa 22 fight against Donovan Wilken and had a quick Q&A with him. This is what the 3-0 pro had to say to us…

KNUXX SA: Tell us about your experience in Cambodia.

MATT: It was an amazing blessing to be able to make my professional Debut internationally. The vibe over there was amazing and the Cambodians really love there fighting sports. It’s a great country and I hope to go back there one day. The fight went really well for me, I got to put in a full eight week camp for the fight, and I really hit my peak over there. I felt great going into the fight and it showed.

KNUXX SA: Shortly after Cambodia you successfully debut in EFC Africa 20, what was that like for you?

MATT: It was tough to just carry on with camp straight out of such an intense camp, 3 weeks from getting back it was EFC 20 time. I put my head down and carried on with prep. It was mentally, a tough challenge and physically it was insane. Between Cambodia and my EFC debut I only had 8 real training days, Jet lag really took its toll on me the first week, and the second week back I was struck with quite an intense flu and out for 5 days. I kept positive though, and I think a lot of heart got me through that fight, Marino was a tough opponent. I hit him hard and he never gave up. So I’m happy with my performance, but I don’t believe it was anywhere near my best.

KNUXX SA: What are your thoughts coming up to your fight with Donavan Wilken at EFC Africa 22?

MATT: It a tough challenge, And I’m looking forward to it.

KNUXX SA: There has been a lot if smack talk coming from the youngest Wilken… Don’t the Buirski’s have a 3-0 record against them?

MATT: Its 2-0, we heard the same talk before Nelspruit from him. He knows he will never be an actual MMA athlete, so he is trying to create a name for himself in other ways. He is a clown that got knocked out in his last fight, against a 17 year old. When he starts beating some amateurs someone might take notice of what he says.

KNUXX SA: Your girlfriend is an aspiring fitness athlete. How does this influence your private life in regard to that special person understanding how important a fit life is?

MATT: Yeah it’s a real blessing to have her in my life. She understands what it takes to compete… to train till stupid hours every day, come home, food prep and repeat it all the next day. The support she gives me is incredible and it really takes a strong woman to support what I do. So I’ll take this opportunity to thank her again, and tell her how much I Love her.

KNUXX SA: Do you think the popularity of the Buirski Army is the beginning of a legacy for the three brothers?

MATT: I think we are blessed to have so many people behind us and such an awesome backing, Thank you to everyone for the amazing support. Do I think it’s the start of a legacy? … Only time will tell. But we work as hard as we can to be the best we can possibly be with the resources we have.

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