Bully Beatdown

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Posted by Brandon Barela

Gray “The Bully” Maynard has never been a fighter to play methodical head games with opponents but through his team’s complaint about Clay “The Carpenter” Guida’s hair, it appears that they are trying to gain every advantage possible before Friday’s battle. It could be in the best interest for team Maynard since the similarities between the two combatants is astonishing as both are elite wrestlers with improved striking abilities. But there is one tool that “The Carpenter” possesses that could be the game changer and that is the frenetic pace he maintains throughout the fight. As evidenced in Maynard’s last outing against Frankie Edgar, lack of insane cardio may be his greatest weakness as he started off strong but faded in the championship rounds and succumbed to his first loss. It wasn’t Frankie Edgar’s power that finished the durable challenger, it was the stamina that allowed him to keep a frantic pace as the fight aged. It will be the same momentum that Clay Guida will imitate after he withstands the best strikes that Gray Maynard has to offer and earn him a close decision victory from “The Bully.”