Caged Minds Interview With Hunter Tucker

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently caught up with Hunter Tucker after a strength an conditioning session  and asked Hunter about the program and his upcoming Bellator 86 bout against Javier Obregon.

MF:  Hunter, you’re just getting out of a drowning by the dungeon workout, how was all the swimming?

HT:  Terrible at the time, but it’s a heck of a workout. It’s definitely a great part of our workout and I really appreciate Momma D putting us through that, even though I hate her at the time.

MF: Where did the idea of adding swimming to your workout come from?

HT:  Honestly I just follow these guys around Clay, Nick Gonzales, all these guys that are obviously in great shape for their fights. I’m like “what are y’all doing.” Oh you’re going swimming now and I’ll just follow them over there and just get in on it. I appreciate them having me along.

MF: And then we saw ankle fins and things in your hands?

HT: Ankle fins and I was holding a dumbell between my feet as I tried  because it was more like treading water over towards the other end, but oh yeah it’s torturous stuff.

MF: So then what does your lung capacity feel like after you get done with something like that?

HT: Definitely opens up your lungs and expands your breathing. It also helps relax you with that panic-y feeling that can come from being under water and not being able to breath for a second. It’s definitely a huge asset to us.

MF: And then being in the fight game, that panic-y feeling that comes over you in a fight how is it good having to deal with that even in practice?

HT: Oh it’s great, it’s amazing how similar swimming is to fighting you know, because you have to deal with that feeling of it. It’s uncomfortable you have to get comfortable with it and push on.

MF: Then also with the swimming how great is it also because its has a low impact or a low physicality level?

HT: A lot of the stuff we do, we just came from wrestling practice and all that is real taxing on your body, people can get hurt pretty easy that way but swimming it’s pretty hard to hurt yourself. It’s real low impact but a great workout at the same time.

MF: Then also we know the big news for you Hunter signing for a fight with Bellator, you got the debut- the one fight with them at Bellator 86?

HT: Bellator 86- it will be January 24th, a Thursday at the Windstar Casino and I’m pumped man. It’s a perfect opportunity for me and I plan on seizing it.

MF: The fight is at the Windstar out there in between Oklahoma and Texas, we know you’re from Texas are you planning on having a crowd out there for the support?

HT:  As far as I know it’s going to be a decent amount of people coming out and I really appreciate the support and plan or putting on a show for them.

MF: Your opponent is Javier Obregon, how do you size up his skills against your own?

HT: I don’t know a whole lot about him, I know he’s a tough dude and I’m sure he is. He has a good record and has been real active lately, so I’m looking forward to mixing it up with him and seeing how we match up.

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