Caged Minds: Why John Dodson Deserves An Immediate Rematch With Demetrious Johnson

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Posted by Mika Frankl

On Saturday January 26, 2013 the UFC was in Chicago, Illinois for  UFC on Fox 6, which was headlined by John “The Magician” Dodson challenging Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson for the UFC Flyweight title.  Demetrious Johnson won the bout by a unanimous decision to retain his title with the judges scoring the contest (48-47) (49-46) (48-47). Just seeing the plain facts you wouldn’t know it but I feel there is unfinished business and a need for an immediate rematch.

We can start off with plainly pointing out that the score cards make it pretty clear who one most of the rounds, but I beg to differ that the knock down in the 1st round ever so sudden was the most significant action of the 1st round and I gave Dodson round one.  In round 2 Dodson scored 2 knockdowns and controlled the striking obviously winning that round. Round three in this  war is where things again become cloudy as the judges felt Johnson won the round, but I after re-watching the fight felt that 3:30 of that 3rd round was spent striking, highlighted by 2 flush lefts and 1 big kick to the body that Dodson landed winning the round. This was not how the judges saw the 3rd round instead scoring it for Johnson with controlling the grappling for the last minute. My score card after 3 rounds is (30-27) for Dodson, even saying round 1 & 3 could be close give it could be (29-28) but it should have still been for Dodson.

In round 4 is where the whole complexion of the fight changes. This round on the judges score cards ends up being (10-9) for Johnson, even after an illegal knee to a grounded opponent caused significant damage above the left eye of Dodson. The ref in my eyes made the wrong decision to not deduct a point to Johnson and the point should have been deducted not because of the intent but because of the damage it caused. By not deducting the point Johnson was allowed to benefit unfairly. The round should have been scored (9-9) with the deduction. The highlight of round 4 outside of the illegal knee was when ref John MaCarthy decided to call out to Johnson when Dodson was and wasn’t a grounded opponent, something that a corner-man should be doing instead of the man monitoring the situation. I make a point of that because I’ve never seen any referees do that before. At the end of this round I see the fight as (39-37) without the deduction or it could be (38-38) depending on how you saw rounds 1 an 3. If the deduction was there the score could have going into the 5th round (39-36) or (38-37).

Demetrious Johnson did without argument win the 5th round 10-9 making my final score (48-47) Dodson, but if you saw round 3 for Johnson we then have a (47-47) draw.

Demetrious Johnson has already beat Joseph Benavidez and Ian McCall recently, with questionable scoring and actions by the referee lead me to fully believe that John Doson should and will get an immediate rematch with Demetrious Johnson .

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