CagedMinds Interview With Cody “Freight Train” East

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Mika Frankl talks with Cody East at the Jack Candelaria Recreation Center about his last fight with Andenilson Clementino- a 1:40 KO victory and what is up next on the on track for the “Freight Train”.

Congratulations on the win, how are you doing?

I’m doing good thank you.

Your second time facing Andenilson Clementino, how did the first fight go?

The first time I fought him I knocked him out in the second round and he called me out again. He said he was ready and he had been training with the Blackzilians and all this stuff, so I took the fight and knocked him out in a 1:40 of the 1st round. An overhand right and I put him to sleep with some hammer fists; so everything went good.

There was some slight built up animosity, you said there was some professionalism on his part during the weigh-ins, how gratifying was the knocking him out shouting his mouth?

It was good I wish I could have been a little bit quicker; the fight went longer than I was hoping for. During the weigh-ins he kicked my clothes and was real disrespectful to me and all my corner-men, so he got what he wanted.

How justifying was that he called you out and you shut him up a second time you should never have to hear from him again, was there any animosity from you with everything that happened?

Yeah because he was disrespectful, it felt good to knock him out I’d do it again next weekend if they gave me the chance.

We’re four days removed from that fight and I’m here at the gym interviewing you let us all in on my you’re back to the gym so quickly; don’t you want to take a break ?

On January 19, I’m fighting Eric Prindle a former Bellator Heavyweight tournament winner, that’s going to be in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s probably the biggest fight I’ve had thus far in my career so far can’t afford to take no days off.

How exciting is that? A name, a recognizable opponent, big fight?

It’s going to be great by knocking him out or finishing the fight or even just winning, put my name up there even higher. I’ve already had word that if I beat him I should get a title shot, get that rematch with Lopez.

How much is that rematch on your mind erasing that one loss on your record?

It’s on my mind it bugs me every day because I should have never lost that fight , but more importantly is beating Prindle January 19, so I’m going to focus on that and take care of business.

Eric Prindle- we know he’s a big guy very powerful with his Army Boxing background, but besides that what do you have to be aware of that he brings to the fight?

I really don’t know, from what I seen he’s really just hands, his wrestling doesn’t look too good, his kicks are descent, but I think I can overwhelm him in all aspects of the game. If I want to box with him, I believe I can box with him and if I need to I can take him down and pound him out.

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