Cagedminds Interview with “Rowdy” Bec Hyatt

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Recently I had the chance to talk with Australia’s top female Mixed martial Artist Bec Hyatt (4-1) who will be making her American and Invicta debut against Joanne Calderwood (4-0) on January 5, 2013, on the Invicta FC 4 card.

MF: Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk with me how are you doing?

BH: Yeah, Mika I’m really good, thank you for interviewing me.

MF: Invicta FC 4 is 10 days away, when will you be making the long trip to America?

BH: I’ll be flying out of Australia on New Year’s Eve and I’ll hopefully be landing in America on New Year’s Eve, so I get two New Year’s.

MF: Right two parties double the fun. What’s you excitement like for having you’re first fight outside of Australia?

BH: Absolutely so excited I’ve never left Australia before and to be going to America in my first overseas trip is, I can’t even explain it and to be fighting for Invicta Fighting Championships is my dream come true. I been working so hard to get there and it’s only ten days away so it not far away now. So yeah just really excited I just can’t wait to step up and show everyone how tough us Aussie girls are.

MF: I saw an  article on the internet where it had you saying to male fight promoters out in Australia to let you girls get in their too, to let us bang bro and how how does if feel from that  to now participating now in a now all female promotion?

BH: That’s pretty funny that was just me trolling; let us bang bro. In Australia they really didn’t like women’s MMA to begin with. It was really hard to get a shot on the shows and it really great to show now how all the hard work has paid off to get women’s MMA out there in Australia and now there’s so many opportunities and now it’s like in your face I’m going to America.

MF: We’re excited to see you in action in your big opportunity, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves how did you become a fighter, how did MMA become your path?

BH: I started training in kickboxing for a few weeks actually to loses weight I was quite heavy it’s a bit embarrassing and that’s where I met my husband he’s an MMA fighter and of course he wanted me to try out grappling and try MMA fighter thing and after the first class I loved it an just kept going back for more. I’ve always been competitive, I was competitive growing up and the next step to get in there and fight was just natural for me.

MF: I saw that your pro debut was at the end of 2011 and then you had 4 fights in 2012, did you have any amateur before that?

BH: No, actually I just stepped right into being a pro. There’s not really that many amateur circuits going around in Australia and back then there weren’t very many women’s MMA fighters and I just took the option when it came up and had the time of my life.

 MF: Now we talk about the fight you’re coming to America and you have the Invicta fight January 5th vs. Joanne Caldwood, everyone remembers her from her last time out winning with a big knee to the gut stopping Ashley Cummins. We know she is a great striker with her Muay Thia skills and you have 2 wins by submission, how do you see the fight playing out?

BH: I think this fight is going to win fight of the night, I’ll say it now. It’s an awesome fight stylistically. She likes to keep her range and use her technical side. She said she fights like she’s in a video game and I fight like I want to rip your head off and get all up in your grill piece. It’s going to be interesting and it’s going to win fight of the night either way no matter who goes to la la land, it will be fun.

MF: You have a four fight win streak now, but you lost your pro debut and I heard a quote about a tea party with the muffin man where did that come from?

BH: It’s just something stupid I say. It just means you’re going to go night-night take a trip to la la land, have a tea party with the muffin man and his friends. If you ever have been knocked out you know. It waking up from la la land and coming back to reality.

MF: I’ve been knocked out before and all I could thing was what the heck happened, I was wondering if you had a dream while you were there. If you had a nice trip while asleep.

BH: I’ve had dreams when I been choked unconscious, that’s where the more peaceful dreams come from actually.

MF: What should people expect from this fight?

BH: Ridiculously stylish violence.

If you can believe it that is just a taste of this interview play the video below to hear a lot more from Bec Hyatt..

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