Cageminds Pre-King Of The Cage: Regulators Interview With Donald Sanchez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently went down to Fit NBH and spoke with King of the Cage Bantamweight Champion Donald Sanchez about his January 19, 2012 title defense against Dustin Phillips and much more.

MF: First you were telling me that King of the Cage kind of does there weight classes like they do in Japan where Bantamweight and Featherweight are flipped right?

DS: Yeah basically Bantamweight in King of the Cage is 45 and Featherweight is 35, which is like how Japan does it but they go by kilos instead of pounds.

MF: Good to clear that up as Donald will be defending his Bantamweight King of the Cage title coming up here on January 19th vs. Dustin Phillips?

DS: Dustin Phillips out of Team Couture, a real strong wrestler, a real big guy he’s coming down from 55 so hopefully it goes well with his weight cut and we get this 45 pound fight going on.

MF: You’ve been out of the cage for about 4-5 months now, but you’ve kept active being in the ring, how did the boxing match go I saw it ended with a 2nd round TKO?

DS:  Boxing is always good get our stand up skills on par and maybe even past that. Boxing is great New Mexico is full of boxers and it’s great fights. If I can keep doing it I will as well, we’ll see if the right fight makes sense.

MF: I heard after the fight you were presented with a strange gift in the back, was your opponent really trying to give you his tooth?

DS: Yeah man he tries to give me his tooth, I guess I had knocked it out and I just told him to keep that tooth as a souvenir to put it on a necklace or something, so that’s the story.

MF: I had heard the story and I was thinking like Crocodile Dundee teeth for a necklace and I could imagine a fighter with a bunch of little teeth on a necklace like these are the ones I’ve knocked out of people’s mouths.

DS: Yeah that would be funny but I wasn’t interested in keep it.

MF: Now that you have the MMA matched lined up is the boxing taking a backseat, no word on when that may be happening again?

DS: Well I get calls all the time, like I said the right fight makes sense and also depends on my MMA career that’s my dream that’s where I’m at and if I can make it to the big leagues that’s where I’m going. But in the meantime if the right fight comes for boxing, I’m in there.

MF: You got the wins going on right now 2-0 in boxing and a 2 fight win streak in MMA how do you feel the positive momentum is building for you right now?

DS: Everything, I love it man. I feel like I keep getting better here all the time at my school Fit NHB, we help each other all day long in every aspect of the game. It’s just through the roof, I feel like I keep getting better and will be even more prepared for that big stage.

MF: In MMA a veteran of 40 fights, 12-3 in your last 15 an even going 5-1 in your last 6 what do you contribute to putting it all together as time goes on going on these long winning streak?

DS: You know it’s all the dedication and effort we put into this. It’s all of our coaches putting in that dedication and effort into us and then all of us combining everything together and trying to reach the top. That’s what the benefit is out of the whole sport getting us all better.

There’s still much more to this interview just play the video below…

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