Charter/Max Fitness Challenge – by Brian Holmes

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It’s the New Year again and I (like many of you) will revisit many of my New Year’s resolutions that seem to present themselves this time of year. As with many people, one of my resolutions focuses on my health and the type of body that I would like to have. I stand in front of the mirror and realize that I haven’t achieved the results that I had hoped for at the start of 2011.

My lack of result doesn’t come from a lack of hard work; I have worked out nearly every week this past year and I am in pretty good shape. However, with my metabolism and body type I would need to eat over 5,000 calories every day in order to compile any weight at all. With being married, having kids and working full-time as a manager at Walmart it is difficult and unrealistic to spend the time necessary on myself when I am pulled in so many other directions. I can’t always prepare meals that would total the 5,000 calories my body needs and I definitely don’t have time to spend 1 ½ to 2 hours in the gym every day.

I started 2011 at 197 lbs. and ended it just over 207 lbs. I am 6’4”+ and very active with a current body-fat percentage of 11.9%. My body weight goal is to be a strong 225 lbs. at around 10% body fat +-. As I sit and stare in the mirror once again, I contemplate what I am going to do differently this year so that I can achieve the physique that I desire. I am a bit discouraged because there isn’t very much that I can do to manipulate my resources.

I have spent the last 7 months working out at Charter Fitness on Tramway andIndianSchool. It quickly became one of my favorite gyms due to the cleanliness, types of equipment, management and the overall environment. Over the past couple of months I have become friends with JB Privitt who owns the Charter fitness franchises inAlbuquerque. I was introduced to JB by my brother Heath Holmes who owns and operates KNUXX. The two of them introduced me to Jesus Quiroz who owns the Max Muscle onWyoming.

In December I was talking to JB about my fitness goals and the many things that impede my progress. I was speaking to him because I needed advice. He asked me about my supplementation program and what supplements I had previously tried. I explained to him that I took protein, nitraflex, (a very light-weight pre-workout testosterone enhancer) and amino acids. These would be considered the basics for anybody who works out.

It was during this conversation that the entire body transformation challenge emerged. It appears that there are many members who work out at Charter Fitness who suffer from my same problem of not following a customized supplementation program for their specific body type.  JB is no stranger to bodybuilding, he not only owns three of the best gyms in the state, but he has a few bodybuilding titles under his belt as well. JB recommended that we get together with Jesus, owner of Max Muscle to come up with a program specific to my goals.

The challenge is to try and pack on 20 lbs. of lean hard muscle and drop my body fat percentage in only 8 weeks, spending only 45 min. a day in the gym, five days a week. This will all be accomplished navigating  the busy schedule of a husband and father who holds a full time job managing at Walmart.

Over the next eight weeks I will be following the lifting schedule as presented by JB.  Jesus and the kind folks at Max Muscle onWyominghave presented me with a revolutionized and specific supplementation and nutrition program. All of this will be covered weekly on the KNUXX of New Mexico blog, and monthly updates will be covered in KNUXX.

Come and join us on the KNUXX website to follow my progress. Max Muscle and Charter Fitness will be offering specials to those who come in and mention this body challenge. While you’re at it, don’t just follow my progress, go and visit the Max Muscle on Wyoming to get your own personalized nutrition and supplementation guide and come and join me at Charter Fitness so that you too can realize your fitness goals.