Do you want to be a fighter or just like the idea of being a fighter?

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Here in Las Vegas we get to see raw talent month in month out, truth is all of the top fighters have talent, the difference between the ones who do make it and the ones who dont make it is work, commitment and dedication, many young and talented athletes make a decision to be a fighter and once they do they are not able to live with that decision, when the realization of the sacrifice it is going to take to just get on and do well on the small show, getting to the big show is a dream far far away, lets face it fighters give up their social life, the party life , foods they enjoy, and even relationships are put on hold many times to be successful and making money in this sport, we are in a tuff business and a hurt sport, it is a fight, somebody is out there everyday focused, training and sacrificing to knock you out ,choke you out or beat you into submission, When I worked at Lions Den we ran tryouts that were harder to pass than most fights any fighter will ever see, the ones left standing we knew they wanted to be fighters without a doubt for we gave them many opportunities to quit and we designed the tryouts to make you quit, here at DogBoxer are logo and symbol is the American Pit Bull, they are meek and humble at home, they love the children and their owners, but are absolute savages back in the day when they also fought for their supper and would not quit even with death looming at the door, the old timers called this gameness, they were game dogs, meek and mild at home and fighting machines that would not quit in the pit, now dog fighting days are far behind us but this same Spirit is honored and coveted among combat athletes, the big difference is a dog is either born game or it is not, a human can be born a coward but die a hero, the human Spirit can make a choice to be game where a animal it is either born or bred into them without any choice about it, so now if a young person has talent to fight and be a combat athlete they still have to make that choice to be game, to be dedicated, committed, there is a reason top fighters live a fighters lifestyle, thats what it takes and thats the choice you have to make, Las Vegas is a great place if you want to be a fighter, for if you can make it here you can make it anywhere, if you can fight off the night life and find a good fight family that wants to help you succeed you can do well and get to where you are suppose to be, but do yourslef and the rest of us a favor and if make a descicion to be a fighter make sure you can live with that descion and decide to be game or I can ssure you that you will not make it otherwise,