EON Therapeutics Product Review

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Posted by Josh Boyd

I am excited to share with you about a company that is making a huge splash in the MMA world and in many other sports as well.  The company is EON Therapeutics and what they do is “Natural Sports Nutrition.”  In a nutshell, they are a supplement company, but there is so much more going on with them.  They are leading the way in All Natural and Organic supplements.

I am shocked when I talk to fighters and other athletes who work so hard to eat clean and train like crazy, but use all kinds of supplements full of chemicals, synthesized material and fillers.  It just doesn’t make sense to invest in an all organic diet and/or sacrifice different types of food only to undo all that by using some of these other supplements that are full of junk.

Right off the bat, you can start to see what sets EON apart in their mission statement…

“The vision has always been to support the holistic needs of an athlete naturally enabling them to perform better, recover faster and push harder.  Elite Organic Nutrition’s new supplement line called EON Therapeutics has plenty to offer for supporting energy metabolism, digestion, detoxification, immunity and tissue repair & growth.  Ideal for all those interested in body building, endurance sports, weight management and general health.   We nurture this healthy culture and we take great pride in all our formulations.”

Let me point out a few other things that set EON Therapeutics apart from the competition…

First, EON understands Therapeutic Value.  They know that what they have to offer is just a piece of something bigger.  Their supplements produce the best results when given in appropriate doses as part of a comprehensive health program that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management.  Understanding this allows them to make sure their piece fits perfectly!

Second, EON only uses First Class Ingredients, meaning, all-natural and organic.  All the nutrients are in their most natural form and in the highest concentrations possible.  Why?  Artificial ingredients pollute the body and cause additional stress that has potentially harmful effects.   We cannot help being exposed to thousands of chemicals and contaminants every day, but we can choose to reduce the numbers of toxins we consume.

Third, EON strives for Holistic Treatment.  The body’s systems – digestive, elimination, circulatory, urinary, endocrine and nervous – should be balanced and functioning well.

Forth, EON has Synergistic Combinations in mind every time they develop a product.  This is important because certain combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs work better when taken together. EON Therapeutics’ unique combinations of active ingredients were carefully chosen with this in mind.

EON currently has 6 great products available.  Below is a list of those products and what each of them has to offer…

E-Flora provides 9 billion CFU of the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Bifidobacterium bifidum.

What E-Flora can do for you?  It restores healthy intestinal flora balance, enhances immune system function, supports detoxification, combats fatigue, improves resistance to common illnesses.

Elite-B is an innovative vitamin B complex supplement which delivers a complete spectrum of B vitamins and is fortified with organic spirulina for synergistic effects. This blend of activated and inactivated forms of B-vitamins helps maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day.  In addition, increased doses of vitamins B5 and B6 nourish the adrenal glands, which will help restore and maintain energy levels naturally without the use of stimulants.

What Elite-B can do for you?  It improves energy levels naturally, supports a balanced response to stress, enhances mental functioning , optimizes detoxification, supports healthy hormonal balance, and helps build and repair muscle tissue.

Mito-Omega takes fish oil to a higher level and is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and fitness.  This natural triglyceride fish oil provides high levels of essential omega- 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) and is fortified with a powerful synergistic combination of CoQ10, Vitamin D & E – fat-soluble antioxidants that eliminate exercise-induced free radicals. Everyone can benefit from these supplements, but they produce especially impressive results for athletes.

What Mito-Omega can do for you?  It helps maintain optimal energy levels and recovery, improves body composition; lose fat and gain muscle, good for cardiovascular health and protection, strengthens immune defenses, improves mood, memory and concentration, effective against joint and muscle, and decreases exercise related inflammation.

MyoEnhancer’s cutting-edge formula takes the guesswork out of choosing a post-workout supplement to maximize your training results.  Getting the right high-quality protein at the correct time is critical, and that’s why100% Organic Whey Protein forms the base of this formula and provides 18g of protein per serving. Branched Chain Amino Acids in their usable form, add to the muscle building effect, and Medium
ChainTriglycerides provide a post-exercise energy source.  Added Glutamine and Microflora combat the immunosupression that comes with intense training.

What MyoEnhancer can do for you?  It will maximize protein synthesis after exercise to increase your lean muscle mass, keep your energy levels up after your workout, reduce recovery time between training sessions, and enhance your immune system function.

Matri-zyme is a multi-enzyme formula designed to reduce inflammation, fight pain, improve nutrient absorption, and strengthen immunity. Enzymes are important for everyone living a healthy, active life because they reduce recovery time and facilitate adaptation and repair processes that help the body become fitter, stronger and faster.

What Matri-zyme can do for you?  It accelerates recovery from exercise & injury, reduces pain and inflammation, improves joint & tendon health, strengthens immune function, and enhances digestion.

PhytoFuel 100% Organic Greens Performance Fuel is a high-quality, nutritionally-dense therapeutic green superfood powder tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of athletes. Its synergistic combination of 29 organic ingredients includes vegan protein, fiber, grasses, a large variety of vegetables and fruit, microflora, and a blend of herbs that produce energy and promote recovery. This unique combination has also been proven to promote alkalinity, increase resistance to colds and flu, and much more. This great-tasting, premium superfood is a great way to take your health and fitness to new heights.

What PhytoFuel can do for you?  It maintains peak levels of performance, promotes alkaline pH within the body, accelerates post-exercise recovery, provides natural energy enhancement, and boosts immune system function.

I have personally tried almost all of these products and was very pleased with the results.  I was able to lose a few pounds, but can honestly say that I felt great.  I am confident that my overall health increased.  I am currently using the E-Flora and can tell a major difference.  I have personally spoken with others within the MMA community who have used these products and have received very positive feedback.

So, if you are a fighter, an athlete or someone who is simply serious about your wellness, EON is definitely worth a try.  There is plenty more info available about them on their website www.eontherapeutics.com.  Please check it out!

Also, EON has partnered with MMA non-profit org, FIGHT CHURCH, and is offering an amazing opportunity for new customers.  If you use the promo code “fightchurch”, you will receive 10% off your order and EON will make a donation to FIGHT CHURCH on your behalf!


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