Everlast PowerCore 100 lb. Nevatear Heavy Bag Review

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Everlast PowerCore 100 lb. Nevatear Heavy Bag Review


The Everlast PowerCore 100 lb heavy bag is one of the best-selling bags on Amazon and on Walmart.com. Its low price makes it a tempting purchase for a beginner but it will take some work to get it setup correctly.



100 lbs weight in a small package; available from Amazon, Walmart, MMA Warehouse, and other places; Looks good; does work as a heavy bag.


Sandbags can lead to injury, Has some issues with nylon straps breaking, Everlast doesn’t listen to customers.
Rating: We’ve given the PowerCore 100 lb. Nevatear Heavy Bag a 3.5 star rating. This bag does the job but right around the same money on Amazon you can get the Century 100 lb bag which is the same weight, uses the same type of shell material and you don’t have to worry about the PowerCore blowing up on you. Plus, Outslayer has a 10 year warranty to Everlast’s 120 days.

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Features & Benefits

This 100 pound heavy bag from Everlast is designed using their PowerCore technology which means it has a sandbag core surrounded by a blend of fiber filling.

It ships filled and has a Nevatear cover that is filled with Everlast’s blend of sand, synthetic and natural fibers. It mounts from the ceiling from included chain and strong nylon straps. The bag itself is just over 48″ tall, 14″ in diameter and has a hanging height of about 60″.

It comes with Everlast’s 120 warranty against any defects.

Nevatear Vinyl Shell and Nylon Hang Straps

The shell is made from synthetic leather that Everlast has dubbed “Nevatear” which is durable and pliable enough for most training. It’s basically a strong mesh-backed vinyl.

The Nylon hang straps are riveted to the shell at the top as well as double stitched for added strength. Both the shell and the straps seem to be up to the task of holding a 100 lb. heavy bag for many workouts.

Synthetic and Natural Fiber Filler w/ Sandbags

Everlast is big on branding and this bag gets the treatment again with their “PowerCore” label. This means that there are a handful of plastic bags filled with about 5 lbs. of sand each which help to add weight and allow for a more compact heavy bag. A combination of natural and synthetic shredded fabric is then combined with the sandbags to make up the rest of the weight and fill the bag. This is a great idea in theory but reality isn’t as great – read below to get the details.

These are the benefits, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

Testing the PowerCore 100 lb. Nevatear Heavy Bag

Most people buy a heavy bag because they want to get a great workout.

If you buy a bag for your home gym you need to make sure you get the best bag for your money. More importantly you have to find the bag that will work BEST for you and how you will use it. Ultimately you have to consider a few things when shopping for a heavy bag (get more detail in our Heavy Bag Buying Guide).

The first thing you should consider is the size of the bag which is based off your weight and experience level. A quick way to find what size bag you need is to get a bag that is about 1/2 your weight. Of course more experienced punchers will want a heavier bag anyway.

When we’re testing a heavy bag we focus on the shell material because it’s the most abused part of the bag and, aside from the straps, will weaken the fastest.

You want something that will hold up to the abuse and not burst open – not to mention you need the cover to be sewn together VERY well. So we look at the shell material and the fill material.

The filler is what will take all of those strikes so you want something that is durable, has a realistic feel, is uniform the entire length of the bag but is forgiving enough that you don’t injure yourself while working out. Next we consider the durability of the bag, testing how it handles additional weight, workout sessions and if possible how the fill settles over time. How long will the bag last and will it work today and in three years? We usually like to have a few different professional fighters test our bags for a few weeks to give us feedback.

Some manufacturers back their bags with a warranties. This is the final thing we consider when testing/buying a hanging heavy bag, the support and warranty.

Our Findings & Rating

PROS: 100 lbs weight in a small package; available from Amazon, Walmart, MMA Warehouse, and other places; Looks good; does work as a heavy bag.
CONS: Sandbags can lead to injury, Has some issues with nylon straps breaking, Everlast doesn’t listen to customers.

Everlast is a well-known brand in the boxing and MMA world. They have a long history of producing inexpensive training equipment designed for beginners.

Because of their low prices it’s tempting to give them a shot. At one time Everlast produced many of the top items in all boxing and kickboxing categories. However many new, smaller and more customer-centric companies have entered the market in the last decade.

These new companies have been successful at unseating Everlast from their top spot for many products. Most of this is due to the fact that while Everlast produces cheap products, their quality and support have suffered.

The main feature of this punching bag from Everlast is the PowerCore center, which is made up of four or five 5 pound sandbags aligned by metal rivets in the center of the bag. This allows for the upper section to have the give of a poly canvas bag, while keeping the stability of a stiffer, heavier, bag.

It should be noted, however, that this added feature means that the bottom of the bag will become rock hard with repeated use so punching or kicking the lower portion of the bag should be avoided.

The Everlast PowerCore Nevatear Heavy Bag is a perfect example of this decline. We weren’t impressed by this bag for many reasons – call it bias if you want – but it seems really obvious that Everlast doesn’t really pay attention to what the consumer wants.

Before testing this heavy bag (or any product for that matter) we do extensive research on the company, on the product and on other reviews online. One of the things we consistently found was that this heavy bag didn’t deliver on the “PowerCore” promise.

As mentioned above, the idea behind the PowerCore is that the sandbags help to add weight to a smaller heavy bag package. This helps with cost, keeping it lower. But the idea of the PowerCore is that the sand should be in the core, the center, and the filler should surround it. If the sandbags make their way to the sides or the bottom of this bag then injury will result. I personally experienced this and the buzzing pain that shoots up your arm isn’t pleasant to put it mildly. Hitting a solid bag of sand at 80% power Sucks!

Everywhere online we found comment after comment that the sandbags didn’t stay where they were supposed to.

Many punchers recommended a full “repacking job” if you buy this bag. That seems like it’s just one step away from a self-filled bag – at twice the price.

Then there’s the cover. We know that they went with the “Nevatear” branding on their shell. But, It’s Vinyl. Let’s call it what it is. I know Everlast has a huge marketing budget and they probably came up with this name that they could trademark… but c’mon, it’s durable vinyl but we weren’t impressed with their spin on the “never tear” phrase.

Punching this vinyl bag is a decent experience if you get the filling all situated. It’s a better experience than their canvas line up and you can get a good workout. But there are so many better options for just a few dollars more. In fact, we strongly recommend the Outslayer 100 lb bag.

But we would be REALLY biased if we didn’t let you know that this bag is on sale at Walmart.com currently which almost makes it worth re-stuffing it. Check out the sale link below.

Who should get this?

Who should get the PowerCore 100 lb. Nevatear Heavy Bag? Beginners and those who don’t mind doing some “adjustments” to the PowerCore before hanging the bag. While it’s not the case for every bag, this is something we recommend. We like the fact that this bag is available in many different locations and online but weren’t impressed with some pretty obvious shortcomings.

Who should avoid it?

Just about everyone. We know that’s a pretty broad, and damning, statement but we really think that Everlast was focused on the wrong things when they made this bag. They should have come up with a way to make the PowerCore actually work instead of just focusing on the name.

Have you tested it out? Add your rating and comments below!

**The PowerCore 100 lb. Nevatear Heavy Bag is also sold on Walmart.com! Check the price here!**

This is an individual product review for the PowerCore 100 lb. Nevatear Heavy Bag, if you want to read about the best Hanging Bags, then you need to check out our Best Heavy Bags Review.

About Everlast:

Everlast formed in 1910 as a swimwear manufacturer but has since become a well-known boxing and MMA brand. Everlast is a global-leader in authentic boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness equipment. They have dedicated much of their research to making the best performing products, for the cheapest prices, in this category. The best part? You can get most of their stuff at just about any big box retailer. Find more information about Everlast here

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