Knuxx Exclusive Interview With John Fraser

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Posted By Colin Barton

Knuxx of Ontario had the chance to speak with John Fraser. John Fraser has a 10-3 professional record and is just a few fights away from reaching the UFC. Fraser is one of the best fighters that Canada has to offer at 135lbs. He is currently on a an impressive 7 fight win streak and has yet to let a fight go to decision. Fraser has 9 submission wins and 1 knockout victory. John Fraser will be headlining the Score Fighting Series card this Saturday against undefeated Josh Hill. Be sure to get out and watch at the Hamilton Place Theatre or watch it live on The Score Television Channel.

Hey John, where are you currently training?

“I train out of Supreme MMA (my gym), but I trained with Team Curran, the ATC guys and the Western University Wrestling Team for this fight.”

How has the training been going leading up to your fight with Josh Hill?

“The training has been going great for this fight.”

What skills does Josh Hill have that threaten your style of fighting the most?

“I don’t feel threatened by his wrestling, but I feel that wrestling is his strong suit and I am ready for it.”

What is next in your MMA career if you beat Hill?

“I don’t make plans for my next fight until after the fight, I focus on the opponent at hand.”

Is a contract with the UFC in your future plans as a fighter?

“I would love to fight for the UFC, that has always been a goal of mine…..just waiting for the call.”

What type of diet are you currently on and is there any restrictions that you dislike a lot?

“I don’t mind the diet or the weight cut, it is a part of the fight and I like all aspects of my fights. I just eat clean and train alot and the weight melts off me……I do treat myself every once in a while (there was a day a couple of weeks ago that I ate 5 pieces of peanut butter cup cheesecake, it was made with cottage cheese so not as bad as regular cheesecake except for the full bag of pb cups in it).”

Who has been the biggest influence in your fight career and who would you like to thank?

“My wife, Laura is my biggest influence, she is always encouraging me and making sure that I get the training I need and insisting I take time to rest when I need it so that I don’t burn out. I would like to thank my wife, my team: Team Supreme, ATC, Team Curran.”