Knuxx Exclusive Interview with Ryan Dickson

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Posted By Colin Barton

Knuxx of Ontario recently had the chance to talk with rising star Ryan Dickson. Dickson is 3-0 in his professional MMA career and has shown loads of talent. Dickson will be fighting this Saturday on the Score Fighting Series card which will take place at the Hamilton Place Theatre. If you are in town this weekend( Saturday August 25th) Be sure to check it out and support one of Ontario’s fastest rising stars! Below is an interview between Knuxx of Ontario and Ryan Dickson. Best of luck to Ryan Dickson this weekend and thank you for your time.

How long have you been training MMA? Who introduced you to the sport of MMA and what motivated you to keep going?

“I’ve been training for almost 5 years now. Me and a friend decided to try it one summer.”

Do you think MMA will continue to grow rapidly in Ontario?What makes Ontario so different then any of the other provinces in Canada?

“MMA will keep growing and even tougher guys are going to be coming. Ontario is a high talent province. There are many good clubs and many of them take it very seriously.”

Where are you currently training out of?

“I train with Jeff Joslin out of Joslins MMA Tapout Training Center in Burlington, SST Hamilton and Brock University Wrestling.”

Leading up to your fight with Chris St Jean, What has been your schedule? Are you focusing more on cardio or sparring? or is it an even balance?

“I train the same almost all year round. I try to stay in close to fight shape at all times so I can keep evolving, if you get out of shape you have to focus too much on cardio and not on developing skills. I’m always trying to improve in every area.”

How do you think the fight will end this Saturday?

“I’m hoping for a KO due to the amount of work I’ve put into my striking and since I’ve finished all my fights on the ground in the past. But having said that, I still feel that it’ll probably be a submission late in the 1st round.”

In which area do you feel you have an advantage over your opponent Chris St Jean?

“I feel I have an advantage in all areas- striking, wrestling, and submission.”

How important is this fight in your career? Could this be the fight that rises you into contention and talks with the best fighters that Ontario has to offer?

“All fights are important, but yes this fight will put me to 4-0, which will allow me to fight some of the top contenders.”

Last but not least. Is there anyone you want to thank or shout out to?

“I’d like to thank all my coaches- Jeff Joslin, Steve from SST Hamilton, Marty Calder from Brock for the wrestling work. Tapout Training Center Burlington, Trenchless Utilities, Dr. Callum Cowan Sports Medicine, Tattz & company, JKR Financial, EndZone Bar and Grill, Show No Love Clothing.”