Firebellz – Russian Kettlebell Training in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Posted by Mika Frankl

These days everyone is looking to get into shape. There are so many gyms, diets, and fads, it’s hard to know which really works and who has the correct training to be telling you what works. Back in 2001 kettlebell training hit a peak of popularity.  In Albuquerque, New Mexico we have a top notch kettlebell training facility called FIREBELLZ, located at 4900 Jefferson Street. Why choose FIREBELLZ?

Because in 2001, Dragon Door, the leader in the kettlebells explosion, started a certified instructors program, and every instructor at Firebellz must be re-certified every two years to ensure that he/she is up to date and still using perfect technique to then pass on the knowledge to the student. At Firebellz they also use Z-Health Performance which is cutting-edge exercise system that helps people improve their health, alleviate their pain, and maximize their athletic performance. Most training systems focus on muscles via resistance training and flexibility exercises or on the heart and lungs through aerobic-work. Z-Health is much more evolved. Z-Health focuses on the nervous system; the ultra-high speed network that controls muscles, heart, and lungs. Movement patterns that most people learn are not correct and therefore can add to the reason for aches and pain. Correcting these movement patterns is the first test to unlocking the potential in you. Everyone wants a long healthy life, it’s time that everyone does what’s best for them and return their energy and vitality to where it should be. Everyone needs a healthy body to help give you the best possible quality of life one can have. Don’t just read this and agree, do something to increase your quality of life. Together with hard work proper body balance and science, the ability to change your life is available, why not use it. For more information check out or give us a call at 505-232-9494.