Fitness Focus KNUXX 1-11 – by Genieve Sanchez

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A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and a moment of decision that YOU are going to make genuine commitments and changes to better your life. Once the decision is made, the real work and preparation begin. For 25 of New Mexico’s fittest men and women that decision was made weeks ago and now they will take the stage of the 2011 Fitness America Pageant & Muscle Mania Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov 17-20. Days leading up to the show, these physique athletes are on the brink of exhaustion and fighting the mental mayhem during the final stretch of competition diet and training. Despite these exhausting emotions, deep down there is no greater feeling of achievement than reaching this ultimate goal of stepping on the stage!

Five fitness competitions under my belt, I certainly would not consider myself a seasoned veteran to the sport. I can tell you that if one dares to train and diet for even just a single show, they have EARNED street cred on merit of discipline and sacrifice alone. An experienced competitor, perhaps that’s my title, either way I can tell you that I have learned a great deal about myself, my struggles and what makes me confident and happy through this entire life-changing process of competition preparation. I am truly excited to see how it all unveils at the show; not only for me but for all the hard-working competitors New Mexico is sending to the famous city of Las Vegas. I know that each of these competitors have a unique story of what ignites their interest to compete and what further continues to fuel their fire to go through such grueling preparations.

The majority of the women competitors from New Mexico belong to a group of female fitness competitors called the Iron Divas, founded and coached by Cristin Kiburz of CK Iron Nutrition and Fitness. They are a sisterhood of women comprised of working professionals, mothers, students, athletes, etc. all supported by their passion for fitness, health and happiness. These ladies have been hard at work training for the show. Their training/support system includes weekly training/posing sessions, email blogs, competition diet recipe exchanges and just good ‘ol’ accountability of each other. Don’t be mistaken, these women are dynamite and are predicted to take the show by storm with some leading veterans and knock-out rookies.

In the pool of rookies, one new lady stepping on the national stage for the first time is the alluring Danita Trujillo hitting the Bikini Division in her cowgirl sportswear! Fit mom, Camie Guerrero of Farmington is doing it Matador style in her sombrero hat with her six pack abs. Both Jordan Mandagaran – the current Ms. Bikini NM and Cara Ovis the NM Model winner, are both trying for a national title to add to their state titles. Last, for Figure – Michelle Hardy in the classic division shows you that women over 35 can still rock it on stage.

Some of the vets to r

ecognize are Melanie Velasquez – in her first year competing, she has placed top 10 at her very first show, and runner up at her second show at Fitness Universe this past June. Melanie is going for the WIN in bikini–a national title. Jessica Rinaldi – former Figure NM Champion is going for the big WIN as well after placing 2nd in 2009 in figure; Danielle Duran (figure) has completely transformed her physique from bikini to figure and is going for a top 5 at nationals in figure; and the buff Marisa Garcia is going for a top 10 in figure. Also, watch out for the dynamite Delisa Garcia who is coming off her recent win at Fitness NM and looking to take her talents to the next level in Las Vegas.
These are just a few of the many fine athletes we will be seeing the Fitness America Pageant. Be sure to stay tuned to see how other fitness all-stars such as Ashley Stavig, Lisa Duncan, Lynette Baca, Marisshia Sigala, Nicole Martinez, Rachel Simmelink, Siobhan Herrera, Stephanie Gonzales and Christine Huang rock the stage. These women are strongly supported by other competitors and coaches consisting of Brittney Jaeger, Meghan White, Kendra Camp and Gretchen Gonzales and many other Iron Diva sisters.

As for me, I have huge goals and sights set for me at this show. I am competing in Ms. Bikini & Figure and am striving for a top 5 in both. I have enjoyed helping coach some of the best athletes in New Mexico and across the U.S. who are part of the team we call, Iron Divas!

In men’s divisions recognition is given out to powerhouse bodybuilders Jason Borrego and Mike Donathon who will certainly be bringing their diced & outstanding physiques to the stage. Representing the top NM Bodybuilder of the 2011 MuscleMania Show is police officer Jonathan Camp with his spot-on symmetrical and always conditioned physique. Finally rounding out the male competitors in the Fitness Model category is Travis Rogers and Kel Okoro, both bringing lean mass and model good looks to the stage.

The journey for these fitness athletes, models, and bodybuilders is no small feat and perhaps their dedication and relentless devotion to their passion of competition can inspire YOU to keep your FITNESS IN FOCUS! Tune in next month to the results of the show.


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*Note: My apologies if there are other competitors that were not mentioned in the listing. My best of luck to you all and your competition prep!