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Posted By Lance Foreman

Frank Shamrock on Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored was asked the question, which fight did he regret not having? Frank answered – his brother Ken and insinuated that Ken Shamrock would not fight him. In a previous article I said Frank’s answer was disturbing to me since I know for a fact Ken wanted that fight then and he wants it now. Ken is 48 and has always told me Frank won’t fight him until he is in a wheelchair. Personally I have seen a deal on the table with my own eyes to pursue this fight with Ken’s signature. Well Ken is answering Franks question, “there is no need to regret not fighting me, I would fight you after dinner tonight, guaranteed!” I spoke with Ken on the phone and he absolutely 100 percent will do what ever it takes to make this fight happen and Ken is a man of his word. I have witnessed many times him keeping his word to the smallest detail even when it cost him to do so. This is a very important fight, it is history – MMA history. Bob, Ken and Frank Shamrock make up the first American family of MMA and whether you love them or hate them, history is history, and we cannot change it. Bob was a key player in the pre-Zuffa years – the super fight championship was his idea. Bob was the warrior spirit behind the Shamrock clan and Ken was the trail blazer – being the first American Pancrase Champion and the 1st person to defeat Royce Gracie even though the match was ruled a draw. Ken was the first Super Fight Champion which is in the line of Heavyweight championship today. Frank Shamrock was the first bonafide Mixed Martial Artist and the first undefeated champion of the UFC. Ken and Royce Gracie were the first fued, the Lions Den was the 1st camp devoted solely to MMA and the Lions Den had many of the 1st champions and contenders. I can go on and on listing the accomplishments of all 3 men. Ken Shamrock is a fighter – I have worked his corner the last 7 years and for Ken it’s about the fight and the challenge. Ken is very unique when it comes to fighting,  he does not look at an opponent and ask if he can win, he looks at his adversary and says, “I can beat him!”  He does not care what it looks like on paper – Ken worries about training and then winning when he gets there.  He is a fighter thru and thru, he will not back down from a fight even if he knows he is going to lose, and if he does know – we never will. He will fight with everything he has – every time. The first family of MMA has to settle a dispute and the wish of an MMA icon and father  – Bob Shamrock. This fight needs to happen – maybe the brothers can come together and make more history. Maybe the Lions Den needs the brothers together. Look at how many people got to watch boxing history unfold –  we still read stories to this day. The Shamrocks must live on and this fight will put to bed many things but it will also birth some things – history itself. There is so much to the Shamrock saga that people have never heard about –  maybe this fight will bring many of those things to the surface. It is MMA history and it needs to be told and it needs to be behind the brothers fighting. I know somebody made a movie similar to this story called the Warrior – it was fiction, this is real and the realness of MMA is what we pride ourselves in. So Frank, if you’re out there, email, call, do whatever you need to do and finish the fight – make history, close a chapter and start a new one. No matter who wins or who loses its a win/win situation. Ken will sign the dotted line – he will go into training camp and he will come prepared to do battle – no need for more words, get ready to rumble!