Interview With Archie Ray Marquez

Posted by Mika Frankl

While at the Team Tapia open media work-out  I had a chance to talk with Archie Ray Marques who will be co-main eventing, Boxing returning to the Pit in Albuquerque New Mexico, event on August 25, 2012.

Question: How you feeling and how is training going leading up to the fight?

Answer: “It’s going good, everything’s going good. Working hard staying busy.”

Question: Got any thought’s you could share with us?

Answer: “No. I don’t really know to much about him, but I’m ready for whatever he brings and I’m sure he’s going to be ready. It’ll be an existing fight.”

Question: Will your coaches go an do some hunting some video searching, will you do some of that yourself?

Answer: “They’ve done a  little bit of searching. They found a couple of clips of him on youtube. We know what to expect.”

Question: The kind of fighter you are, are going to make a game plan and stick to it or go out their let it follow an let it happen?

Answer: “No, you got to let it flow. If you come in with a game plan and the guy comes in totally different then you’re screwed trying the same thing after that.”

Check out the full interview video below…

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