Knuxx Interview With “The Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Prior to her upcoming Invicta FC 3 bout, we talk with Michelle Waterson.

How are you doing Michelle, how are you feeling today?

I’m great, how are you?

I’m well.

For those people who don’t know Michelle will be making her Invicta FC debut on October 6, 2012 against Lacey Schuckman.

So how are you feeling about the match-up and about your opponent?

I think it’s a great match-up, I’m excited. I think Lacey is a game fighter and it’s going to make for an entertaining night come October 6, 2012.

Can we get some thoughts on how you think the fight will play out or what part of her game are you most aware of?

Well on how I think the fight will play out is that I want it to be stand up. I watched some of her fight and it doesn’t seem like she cares much to take it to the ground, so I’m hoping we stand up and bang and if I feel comfortable enough maybe I’ll take her to the ground who knows.

6 of 9 of your wins come by submission and 4 of her 7 are by submission, what do you give the chances of the fight hitting the ground?

I’m gonna say 70%.

So you’re pretty confident that at some point where going to get there we’re going to that aspect of the game?


What do you think about this being your debut for Invicta and what do you think about Invicta and what they’re doing with Woman’s MMA?

I love the fact that Invicta has invited me on and that I’m able to fight for them. There doing great things for woman’s MMA. This is there third card it’s an all-female card and obviously it’s good enough to keep on surviving and it can only go up from here. I’m glad to be a part of it.

Awesome can’t wait for the fight and event!

I was doing some studying getting ready to do this interview and I watch an interview on YouTube with you from about 4 years ago and one of the last questions that you were asked was where do you see yourself in five years and your answer was on television fighting for a title, so four years later how close are you to having that premonition become a reality?

Well I would love to fight for one of the Invicta titles, I think I’m just a couple fights away form that and It’s streamed live on the internet and I think in a matter of a year everything will come together, yeah.

With that there’s going to be a title fight on that same Invicta FC 3 card, we have Jessica Penne taking on Naho Sugiyama, who do you think walks away with the first Atomweight Title for Invicta?

You know what I haven’t been too focused on those two girls, because I’m trying to look at the task at hand, but I’m gonna go for Jessica. I think she’s strong minded and a well-rounded fighter and I hope her able to get that win for the girls here in the states.

When you heard of them being matched up did you ever for a second think about in your mind what it would be like to compete against one of those two ladies before you got your contract signed or that hasn’t come into thought yet at all?

Yeah of course because it’s like I said it’s a goal of mine to be able to fight for the title, but that’s in the future, I’m just trying to focus on what’s going on next week.

And next week is going to be the first time your back in the cage in bout 8-9 months and before that it was a 19 month layoff, so do you believe in cage rust at all or is it minds over matter, what’s the secret?

You know what I think that each person is different; some people need to be in the cage all the time, as for me I get such good competition at the gym every day, I probably have a dozen girls that are world class athletes and they push me every day that all the action I need.

To hear the full interview click the video below.

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