Knuxx Interview With UFC 152’s Roger Hollett

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Roger Hollet will be making his UFC debut at UFC 152 on September 22, 2012 against the returning Matt Hamill. Hollett took time out of his day yesterday to give Knuxx an interview.

You have been on the card, off the card, and back on the card again, how happy are you to just be fighting at this point?

“Really happy. I’m glad things worked out. It wasn’t looking too good for a while there, but my luck finally changed.”

Were you able to stay optimistic throughout whole time period you were off the card?

“Tried too but it’s hard, you know, you made it to the big show and suddenly you’re not. It’s something to overcome, but things worked out.”

From a training perspective, what happened after you were pulled from the card? Did you continue like you had a fight or what was that like?

“I took advantage of the good training here, so I figured I’d stay all the boys fights where still on figured I’d help out the best I could and it worked out good thing I did stay training. That would have been a mess if I had stopped no matter what kind of shape I was in I was taking this fight, so it all worked out.”

Say if 100% is how you feel going into a fight with a full training camp how close are you to that?

“I been training the whole time, I’m right on schedule anyway.”

For those who don’t know, there was a rumor that you were injured and then there was a rumor you were just pulled from the card without reason. Can you shine some light on what happen when you were pulled from the 152 card in the first place?

“I have no idea where this rumor started I was never ever injured whatsoever. I couldn’t tell you where it started but it’s totally not true, it was a contract dispute with Bellator, we were waiting on a release letter from them, it didn’t come through on time, so they had to have for the Hamill fight they got Vladimir in and when Vladimir got hurt my luck, I got called on.”

Click to video below to hear the full interview.

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