Johnny Tapia’s Autopsy Results Released, Drugs Were Not A Factor

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Posted by Mika Frankl and David Miera

As Knuxx announced on Wednesday morning, a press conference was held Wednesday afternoon at the Team Tapia gym to make public the findings from Johnny Tapia’s autopsy. It turns out drugs were NOT a factor in Tapia’s death…The autopsy revealed that Johnny was suffering from hypertension and heart disease.

On such a sad day for the Tapia family the truth is here and all the rumors of Johnny’s death being drug related can be put to rest. The report did say that mild amounts of acetaminophen(Tylenol) and hydrocodone were found in Johnny’s system but they were therapeutic levels and were doctor prescribed. There were no illegal drugs in Johnny’s system at the time of his death. In the end, a life of fighting and being active mixed with drug use and a family history of heart disease did the former 5x world champion in.

It was also announced that a documentary on the 5X World Champion entitled “Tapia” will be released sometime in the near future. In addition to the documentary, a feature film entitled “Johnny” will begin filming in January 2013 right here in Albuquerque. The character of Johnny Tapia will be played by Shiloh Fernandez .

On the boxing side of things, Team Tapia is also in negotiations for a venue contract where they will be looking to put on four to five events each year.

We at Knuxx would like to once again extend our condolences to Teresa Tapia and the entire Tapia Family.

Now “Burque’s Champ” can truly rest in peace. R.I.P Johnny Tapia