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Posted By Lance Foreman

As we all know, Jon Jones and Greg Jackson turned down the fight with Chael Sonnen – a wrestler and Dan Henderson’s training partner.  The debates are rampant on all the websites and probably will continue for a long time. From my perspective – this is lookin a lot like boxing.  A UFC Champion decides who and when he fights? One reason MMA has been very different from boxing is fighters fight and champions fight who ever the promotion or matchmaker puts in front of them. Records are not as protected and fighters don’t hold everybody hostage. Jones had everything to win – especially fans. Look at the Manny and Floyd Mayweather fight – they have been holding boxing hostage for years now. It’s a fight the fans want to see, it’s a fight that makes sense, it’s a fight that will never happen and it’s a different reason everytime they go to the negotiation table. I doubt we will ever see the two fight. UFC has done a great job of making fights everybody wants to see – Bones changed all that. It was good business for Jones to fight whoever they put in front of him – thats the business we are in. The fight game is very much the sports entertainment business and MMA has brought it back like no other. Fighters need to make money – they need to entertain the fans because they are the reason Jones has money. The UFC has made that possible – I wouldn’t be surprised if his career takes a serious down turn. The stress, the hatred, the constant talking about this issue in the media, the trash talk – all will take its toll on Bones Jones. Maybe Greg Jackson should have had a little more insight.  Sometimes it’s not what you can get out of fighting that makes you all the money but what you can give. They could have given the fans a big fight and helped the UFC  save face – it would have paid them back in huge dividends. Yea maybe it’s not the right fight for him, maybe  it is a dangerous fight, but sometimes you need to decide if you want to win or if you want to be right. Jackson and Bones may be right but they are definitely not winning. When a fighter signs a contract to fight – the promotion he signed with is his employer and until the fight is over, they are paying your check – that’s just the way it is and to use your star power to cost your employer money is not smart nor winning. Just look at boxing we see the results everyday – if we lose what makes MMA different we will all lose – then nobody will be right.

In Vegas news local jujitsu ace Walter Kahanuone will be making his MMA debut for DogBoxer Sept 1st at King Of The Cage here in Vegas. Also on the card is the great Jose Celaya’s cousin – heavyweight MMA fighter Brian Lopez. We will have a couple of our guys fighting Sept 29th at the Hard Rock – I will post details when our opponents are confirmed. We had two good days of filming Dru Davis, Briggs Foreman, Conner Shamrock and Page Van Zant at Wanderleis and RYU. Jay Bridges and Keith Moss will be here all next week looking to take DBM to new levels. Myself, Sidney Silva and Josh Boyd will be going to Tommy Monatoya’s  gym in Texas Sept 12th to run a BJJ seminar and tryouts for a DogBoxer team Texas. The War Tape crew will be located in Las Vegas as of next week as well – always moving forward!