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Posted by Lance Foreman

Frank Shamrock’s statement on Spike TV’s Uncensored a few nights ago about his brother Ken Shamrock was disturbing to me. He was asked what is the one fight that he never had – that he wished he would have had, his answer – was his brother Ken. I worked for Ken at the time we were trying to negotiate a fight contract with Frank and the deal was solid and a lot of money was on the table. Not only was there money –  there were Hollywood players in the meeting that wanted to make a movie of the Shamrock story based around the fight.  This was only a couple of months after Bob Shamrock died. I can assure you Ken wanted that fight more than any other. Bob Shamrock wanted the fight to take place as well and had hopes of the brothers making up after the contest no matter who won. Bob Shamrock was quite a man – Ken and Frank did not reach the highest level of MMA on their own.  Bob was also a huge part of pre Zuffa UFC. Bob, who owned the Shamrock boys home, would let the wayward group of kids box out their differences in the backyard. Ken will tell you himself the lessons he learned from his father mixed with the brutal Japanese training he learned in Japan was a big part of the success of Lions Den. Frank took the systems Ken and Bob developed to start what is now the AKA and it’s the Lions Den where DogBoxer was born and developed. Ken and Bob Shamrock are gigantic contributers to MMA, then and now. Frank should have fought Ken, made history and let the story be told and bring some closeure to the feud.


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