Kevin Croom Sucessful AT Saloon Showdown 18

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Posted by Mika Frankl

This past Friday May 3 at Saloon Showdown 18, in the main event Jackson’s/Winkeljon’s fighter Kevin Croom extended his winning streak to 4.

Croom did so by defeating Adam Stickley/Rider in the first round by rear naked choke, and in fact is Crooms send straight win in the same round and fashion. The win is also Croom’s 6th by submission.

Croom in his last 4 fights has defeated Nate Murdock (UD), Brian Davidson (TKO), Briian Bearman (SUB), and Adan Rider (SUB). Most impressive about this streak is that it has happen in a span of 7 months. With that being said the high energy Croom is happiest when active and will be looking to get back in the cage to continue this streak as soon as possible.

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