Knuxx August Issue – David Miera Interviews Brandi “Babi Doll” Montoya

Posted By David Miera

Albuquerque’s own Brandi Montoya graces the cover of the Knuxx August issue. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing “Babi Doll,” check out the interview below…


Name: Brandi Montoya
Nickname: Babi Doll
Age: 19
Height: 5′ 1″
Weight Class: 105-115
Gym: Rosales Karate & Kickboxing
Fighting Style: Kajukenbo, Boxing, Kickboxing
Preferred Sport: Muay Thai, Kickboxing
Pro Record: 3-2
Date of pro-debut: April 6, 2011
Favorite fighter: Carina Moreno
At what age did you begin training and why did you begin training?
” I started training at 14 because I was causing trouble in school. I had some anger issues. My dad threw me in boxing to, well I guess release some of the anger (laughs).”

What are some of your goals in life, both inside the ring and out?

” My goals in the ring consist of being a world champion and getting women’s boxing a little more accepted, and giving New Mexico some light in women’s boxing – other than Holly, we don’t have much recognition. Out of the ring I just want to graduate college and get a career that will help people with weight problems”

Why do you like Knuxx/local fighting? 
“I like Knuxx because they are local, they cover it all and give the fighters who aren’t necessarily big a chance to be spot lighted. Their magazines are free so it gives everyone an opportunity to take one and it has a lot of info about fighters, gym, etc.”

When and how did you get connected with Rosales?

” I got connected with Rosales to be honest through the internet (laughs). In fact when I first started training there I Hated him & he hated me! (laughs).

Glad to hear you stuck with it, how did you get past that and develop a good relationship with Mr. Rosales?

“I grew up a little bit. I mean I was 14 years old, I thought I was all that especially after my first fight. Then he sparred me with this one girl who beat the crap out of me & I started to not come to class as much. I took a year and a half break, then came back ready to roll! I matured a little bit and just wanted to learn more and fight. That’s what got me to where Im at. And Im still learning and maturing I mean Im only 19 years old (smiles).”

That’s awesome! So can you tell me about your next fight?

“So my next fight is September 1, against Chantel Cordova. It’ll be 8 rounds. She’s an extremely tough opponent. However, my coach has always instilled it in me that I shouldn’t go after the easy ones, you don’t learn anything that way. The only losses I have in my entire boxing career are the ones that I have learned from, and the ones that made me improve to get my wins. I just came back from California, I went to spar Carina Moreno all thanks to my coach. I did well and I know now exactly what I need the most work in. I will continue to work on those until my coach is satisfied with where Im at (which is going to be a long road, because he is NEVER satisfied haha). Im ready for a fight! I know Im going to go in there and give them a taste of this 112 lb Babidoll from New Mexico (smiles big)!”

Where is this fight taking place?

“Pueblo, Colorado.”

Sounds awesome! I wish you luck and hope you do great! Is there anything else you’d like to say before we end this interview?

“Thank you. I would just like to say thank you to my coach professor Rosales, my dad/manager Michael Montoya, all my teammates & all my family, friends & I don’t like the word fans so I’d like to thank everyone who follows and supports me in everything that I do and I promise, whether I win or lose I will make NM proud.”

Thank you Babi Doll for such a great interview!

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