Knuxx Exclusive Post-Fight Interview With Ryan Dickson

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KNUXX Of Ontario had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Dickson after his fight at the Score Fighting Series Event 5. Ryan won his fight via TKO in the very first round over Chris St. Jean. Ryan also won Knockout of the Night Honors. Congratulations to Ryan Dickson on his victory and thank you for giving us the chance to speak with you. Check out the interview below.

Congrats on the win! How does it feel to keep your undefeated streak alive?

“Feels awesome to remain undefeated, and more important to me even still, is that all 6 ammys and 4 pros have been won by sub or KO.”

At any point in the fight did you feel he might have an advantage?


In our previous interview you stated that you would like to get a knockout victory, but would most likely end up winning by submission. How does it feel to actually earn the TKO victory?

“A finish is a finish, but I was hoping to show more of my boxing… soon enough though.”

Did you expect the fight to go this easy? It seems as if you had full control of the fight.

“I prepared for a tough fight, Chris has good striking and subs. I knew my wrestling would be higher level than his. Im glad to have had the fight go how it did.”

Is there anyone in particular you would like to fight next?

“I just want to fight opponents with good records who can move me up the rankings. There is no one in particular, but I need to fight guys with good records.”

Are you going to take a break from training? Or will you continue to go hard at it?

“I’ve been training hard for about 6 months without more than a day or 2 off here and there due to having fights planned then falling through, so me and my coaching staff have agreed that a week off training will be a good idea, then back at it full force.”

How long until we can expect to see you back in the cage?

“Hope to get back in there as soon as possible.”

I could see a piece of paper in your hand after the fight, it looked like you wanted an interview but were unable to get it. What was on the paper?

“Ya,  just my sponsors. I wanted to make sure they all got their shout out.”