Knuxx Fighter Profile – Josh Torres

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Posted by Mika Frankl

The Knuxx family is proud to welcome Team Tapia Boxer Josh Torres to the family. Check out the “Pitbull’s” Knuxx profile…

Name: Josh Torres

Nickname: Pitbull

Birth date: December 24, 1989

Age: 22

Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pro debut: May 10, 2008

Pro record: 8-2-1, 1nc

First type of combat sport: Boxing

Wins by KO: 4

Gym: Team Tapia

When, why, and how did you get started in boxing?

“I didn’t get started in boxing until I was 14 but for as long as I can remember, I loved fighting. I would force my cousins and friends to put on the gloves with me and box. In school I was always fighting so my good friend Vince Mirabal invited me to his dads boxing team because of the fact I was always beating kids up in school anyways, I was one of those kids that showed up and never left.”

How did you get connected with the late great Johnny Tapia?

“I didn’t get connected with Tapia until I was 20. He saw me fight at the Santa Ana casino and grew interest in training me. He said he was impressed with my power and saw a lot of potential in me.”

Besides the obvious of wanting to be a world champion, what are some of your goals in both your boxing career and in life?

“My goals for the future are pretty simple, train and fight my hardest, and see how far I can take my career. But more importantly, I hope to be a positive influence for the kids and maybe own an amateur team of my own someday.”

How long did it take before you knew that boxing was going to be you career choice?

“It took years, it was about a year and half ago, that I started digging deep and getting serious about my career. Before I was still young I used to like to party in between fights go out, drink and stuff. It wasn’t till recently when I fought on the Holly Holmes card when I beat Joel Vargas that I started taking my career seriously.”

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