Knuxx Fire & Ice Fight Week Interview With Matthew “Champ” Baca

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Fire & Ice fight week press conference I had the chance to get some last words from Matthew Baca about Fridays fight with Derek Perez.

It’s been a long training camp and now how excited are you with fight night just around the corner?

I’m excited, it’s been a while and I’ve been training hard for about three months now. I’m more than ready 110% and it’s finally fight time, I’m pumped up.

Now that you and Derek got face to face and you’re sizing each other up, does it get a more realness to it then when you’re signing a contract?

Yeah of course, I feel that adrenaline, the rush feeling that I just want to rip his head off kind of feeling. I’m ready and I’m ready for whatever he brings.

So without giving away too much of the game plan how do you see the fight going down?

I really don’t see, just whatever way it goes but I know I’m coming out with the “W” no matter what.

Well let’s say you fell asleep and it was a dream the fight end perfectly in you favor, what would that finish is?

That would probably be knocking him out in the first 10 seconds.

Again without giving away too much what have you been focusing on in your training?

We been focusing on everything, we’re already in great shape so the shape hasn’t been a issue conditioning; practicing little things here and there that I feel like I need to work on  or my team does.

After the layoff now coming into your second fight, how was the start of camp and getting your legs back under you?

At first it was kind of rough with the time off. Now I feel great, I love to train. It feels good to be in great shape and I’m hungry every day to go in there and work hard.

One last time, what should the people coming on Friday expect to see from you and Derek?

I don’t know how put it in any other way then to except a great fight and a great night. Expect me to come out with the “W” because that’s what I came here to do is win.

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