Knuxx Fire & Ice Fight Week Interview With Derek Perez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Fire & Ice weigh-ins I had the chance to talk with Derek Perez about his upcoming pro debut against Matthew Baca.

Now after the weigh-ins how are you feeling?

I’m feeling 110% ready, thanks to this guy and my brother they got me ready for this and I’m just ready to shine tomorrow night December 7th; watch out Matthew Baca.

For the people who haven’t yet what should they be expecting?

They should expect to see a good boxer that can use the jab, get in and out, use that ring, and  great foot work that’s about it.

It’s your pro debut how special is that to you?

It’s pretty special thanks to this guy and my brother like I said, just for giving me the chance and thank God, my mom and dad.

It’s prior to the fight and I know you can’t give away too much of your game plan but what kind should we be expecting, technical or a brawl?

Be expecting a brawl kind of like Gotti vs. people and you know what I mean get in there be aggressive and be a all around good boxer.

If you want to throw out a little prediction, how does the fight end?

I think it goes all 4 round and I win with a unanimous decision.

Got a last message for Matthew?

Just be ready Matthew.

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