Knuxx Fire & Ice Fight Week Interview With Gene Perez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Thursday weigh-ins for Friday’s Fire & Ice event I had the chance to talk with Gene Perez about his upcoming bout with Jason Sanchez.

How are you feeling now that the weigh-in is over?

Feeling great, get my water back into me and hope to be ready for tomorrow so I can put on a good show for you guys.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you fight before what should they be expecting?

A lot better boxing from me, because I was in MMA now I’m stepping into boxing I been working a lot more technique and worked a lot more different things;so expect a lot more from me.

What was the transition like with your striking going from MMA to Boxing?

It was pretty hard getting use to the stances and getting use to pivoting with the punches and all that, not having to worry about kicking and just focusing in the technique of the punch instead of going off, straight punches. I adjusted pretty quick.

How nice is it getting in the ring and not having takedowns?

It’s a lot better. I don’t have to worry about getting taken down, I can just stand and bang which is my kind of fight.

Jason is coming into this fight; his pro debut his extensive amateur background, what are some thoughts on him?

Nothing really just that it was the amateur world where we was and now he’s stepping into the professional world so now you’re stepping in with the men, not with the kids. I’m going to introduce him to a pro fight.

If you had to make a prediction on tomorrow night how does the fight end?

Knockout, I don’t know what round.

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