Knuxx Fire & Ice Fight Week Interview With Tony Valdez

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Fire & Ice fight week press conference I got the chance to talk with Tony Valdez about his highly anticipated rematch with Raymond Montes.

Thank you Tony Valdez for the time how are you feeling coming into this fight?

I feel good. I had a better camp this time then I did for the last time.

It’s a rematch; we can tell from the two of you it’s heated, what’s your emotional level like? We can see “Hollewood is at a high one.

You know what I’m a professional in and out of the ring. I’m going into this fight planning on doing my job. I don’t really let anything that little pinhead says get to me because that guy if you let him will just keep talking all day. What else can I say I been training hard for this fight, I had a lot of good help my trainer Pat Holmes, my conditioning trainer Clarence Garcia, thanks to Fidel Maldonado Jr. we had a good camp I want to give a shout out to Angelo Leo for giving me some good sparring and helping prepare me for this fight and just going to go in there and give 100%. That’s all I can do I’m not going to try and sit here and say what I am or not going to do. I’m just going to go in there and do some work may the best man win.

What issues does the weight play in this match-up?

It looks like if this guy made weight this time last time he came in a little over weight. I don’t know if he ate too many donuts or what but they say that’s what he’s addicted to. But it’s all good you know like I said ‘m just here to do my job, hopefully he does his if not well.

From the first fight to this fight do you expect the same kind of match or do you think you’ll see some difference in “Hollewood”?

I never think of victory of defeat, I just let nature take its course. For the other fight he made lot predictions and obviously his ass couldn’t cash those checks he wrote. Hopefully he’s not writing checks that will bounce this time, he is talking a lot of shit and that’s fine he doesn’t get to me, he doesn’t get in my head. He’s just a loud mouth that’s fine. It doesn’t bother me, he thinks it bugs me, but come on I’ve dealt with that my whole life and I’m just here to put on a good show.

Fighting a guy for the second time in a row, does the bring an ease into the training camp , like okay I already know some of what he’s bring  and then there’s more time for growth in your game?

Well last camp I was coming off a 17 month layoff, last time I really didn’t know what I was coming up against, just went an did it and  last time we got fight of the year and it ended with a draw. This camp I put in a lot more heart and a lot more work into this camp and hopefully he did, because I know I did my homework. I’m just ready to turn it on Friday night.

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