Knuxx Fire & Ice Fight Week Interview With Victoria Cisneros

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Posted by Mika Frankl

After the Fire & Ice fight week press conference I had the chance to talk with Victoria Cisneros about the late change in opponent from Diana Prazak to Kita Watkins and now will face Marry McGee.

How has the training camp gone with all the changes in opponent that have taken place?

It’s been going good. What can I say you never know who you’re going to fight? You fight sometimes one person sometimes another. I was supposed to fight Diana and that fell out; Holly is fighting Diana now. I train for good fighters and hard fights and I know this will be a hard fight. I’m fighting Marry McGee she’s number 4 in the world she’s 19-1.This is another opportunity to get my foot in the door. I’m ready for war I been training hard and I been doing well. I had a good camp and am coming off consecutive wins; I’m on a streak right now. Without out saying to much more I’m ready and been training hard. There’s no doubt I’m taking this home on Friday.

You said there’s a streak you have momentum building two wins in two months, this will be your third fight in three months. Are you planning on keep up this ridiculously busy schedule or is there a break coming up around Christmas time?

Well you know what, you never know. If I get a call, I’m in the gym and I’m training; I’m going to go fight. You can’t let these opportunities go by. You get a title shots, you get opportunities if you don’t grab for them now, by the time you want it; it’s gone. I’m a fighter and I love boxing so that what I go for. If there’s a call I’ll be there if not, stay home with the kids.

Going from Diana to Kita and now facing Marry, how has that changed your training each time?

When I train I train different ways, different styles, because there isn’t one perfect way. In the gym you have to do everything, you learn how to attack, how to defend, you learn it all. I train I do It all so hopefully I’ll get in there and do what I have to do.

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