Knuxx Interview with Brandi “Babi Doll” Montoya

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Last week, the Knuxx family introduced everyone to pro fighter Brandi Montoya and this week we take that a step further with a video interview. Brandi took some time in between training sessions to sit down with Knuxx. Brandi’s next fight is on September 1, 2012 in Pueblo Colorado vs. Chantel Cordova as the main event of Colorado vs. New Mexico Boxing.

Question: How are you feeling three weeks away from the fight?

Answer: “I’m feeling good, feeling really confident. I know I’m going into her home town and I know what I have to do and I’m just training on that.”

Question: How’s the camp been?

Answer: “It’s rough. It’s really rough. He’s, I swear he’s trying to kill me but you know he says otherwise.”

Question: What are some immediate differences that happen when your, from normal training to specially focusing on a fight?

Answer: “Just he tells what I have to do to beat the girl. What he feels that I need to really focus on that’s what I try to focus on in my training for a specific fight. And then just depending on I mean the rounds, this fight is going to be eight rounder. So he’s been sparring me a lot more. He’s been sparring me with Amanda Crespin, just putting in more rounds.”

Question: Outside the gym what kind of work are you put in cardiovascular?

Answer: “I run a lot. I do the insanity work outas well which is crazy cardio so.”

Question: So you would support that?

Answer: “Definitely, yeah definitely I mean it’s good for strength and conditioning as well cause it works all aspects of your muscles but it’s really hard cardio wise.”

Question: And then what are some specifics diet changes to make when it’s fight time?

Answers: “Cutting out the sugar.”

Question: How hard is that?

Answer: “Very hard, that my weakness is sugar. So mainly that focus more on protein other than carbs, try to up the vegetable intake and kind of lower the fruits cause of the sugar, which is hard to do.”

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Want to see the whole interview click the video below.

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