Knuxx Interview With FIT NHB’s Own King Of The Cage Junior Flyweight Champion Brenda Gonzales

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Posted by Mika Frankl

I was given the chance to go down to FIT NHB and talk with the new King of the Cage Queen of the Junior Flyweight division,Brenda Gonzales. Check out the interview below…

A five round war, you won a unanimous decision, did the fight play out how you planned?

Well I was prepared for 25 minutes, but I was hoping I would have finished her, but she was a really tough wrestler and she took some hard shots and it was a good fight, went back and forth for a while.

You told me two big injuries, the long lay and you come into a five round title fight, untested waters in your third pro fight, what is the sense of accomplishment from going through and with standing all of that?

It was a big accomplishment; this was my first time cutting to 125. I don’t even remember weighing 125 so just seeing that you know was a big accomplishment. Like you said coming off two injuries and just busting my but it feels good.

 You went 25 minutes your first time cutting weight, so do you comfortable at this weight class no questions about it?

Yes, now I know I can make the weight, I know how to rehydrate. I felt great the night of. I think I found my weight class.

Let’s talk about your growth as a striker, beating everyone up on the feet do you attribute that to your own personal style, is it what you train, is it the style of the gym, is it the combination?

It’s Arlene Sanchez-Vaughn style, I started here about 3 1/2 years ago she thought me how to throw a punch and I still got all that to work on but it’s FIT NHB style.

Came in 3 years ago learn how to throw a punch, what was your athletic background prior to stepping in the gym?

I love the weight room; I played basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball. I’ve always been athletic.

 Was it love at first training session with fighting?

For sure.

What was the inspiration to come into the gym, not coming from a combat contact sport background what got you to come into the gym?

Well I’ve always had love for the sport didn’t really know where to go train and didn’t know too many people involved and then me and Tim (Means) started dating and he was already training here so I walked through the door with him and had my first session and fell in love with it right away.

To see the entire interview with more questions play the video below.

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