Knuxx Interview With Cody East – Talking KOTC Title Shot

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Hours after finding out that he will be facing Nick Rossborough for the KOTC Heavyweight title we were able to catch up with Cody “The Freight Train” East at the Jack Candelaria Community Center to see what his thoughts are on the upcoming title opportunity.

MF: How you doing Cody, how you feeling?

CE: Good coming off my first boxing match; it was like three weeks ago. I went to San Antonio, Texas and fought a golden gloves boxer from out there and knocked him out in the first round, it was fun. Now I’m getting ready for my title fight against Nick Rossborough, here at the Sun Shine Theater.

MF: Sun Shine Theater do we have a date for that event?

CE: May 11th.

MF: Getting a title fight, how gratifying is that?

CE: It feels good but I wish Tony Lopez would have defeated Nick Rossborough because I would have rather fought him to get that loss back, but it’s alright. After I put away Nick and then give Tony a shot to beat me.

Play the video below to see the entire interview…

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