Knuxx Interview With Cody East

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently made a visit to the Jack Candelaria Community Center and while there we spoke with King of the Cage Heavyweight Cody “The Freight Train” East. Cody is (4-1) in his MMA and currently preparing to ace Andenilson Clementino on December 8, 2012 at the River Spirit Casino on the Unification card.

Thank you for the time Cody, how are you feeling?

I feel good. Looking forward to this rematch, I’ve knockedthis guy out before, I knocked him out and he keeps running his mouth event after being Knocked out so…

That was a Shark Fights bout right?

That was a Shark Fights on 11-11-11 so it’s been almost been a year.

Now you guys are going to meet up in King of the Cage, so how did it come to be that you two are meeting up if you’ve already knocked him out once?

He’s finished both his last two opponents in the first round and he asked for this fight so I’m gonna give it to him.

You’re coming off a win previous before that a loss, you have a (4-1) record and most of your fight haven’t last past the 1st round, lasted out of the first 2 minutes, what do you attribute to being able to finish so fast?

Just going hard going for the kill, but as I move further up in competition I learned to pace myself better because guys get tougher and I found that out with the Lopez fight.

We know you came into MMA with the wrestling background and there’s a story out there you kind of just took up MMA really quickly on the fly, what was that?

Yeah I was at a wrestling tournament, I was 18 years old and Lenny Lovato said they needed a fighter for next Saturday and asked me if I wanted to fight. I had seen it on TV and said looks easy enough, so I did it and won by submission.

Looks easy enough, how have you progressed 5 fights in from that thinking?

I love it. It’s easy there are the easy times and there are hard times too, I love it both sides of it. I love a good war and a fast finish too so either way I’m happy.

Coming from that wrestling background, how much fun was it when finally got to put your hands on someone?

At first I would just take people down I would forget you could punch him and then my coach would be screaming at me punch him so I started punching him. Started adding more and more got my Boxing coach my kickboxing coach so now I’m pretty well rounded.

To see the entire interview with more question play the video below…


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