Knuxx Interview With “Fire & Ice” Competitor “Hollywood” Raymond Montes

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Posted by Mika Frankl

Knuxx recently had the opportunity to speak with “Hollywood” Raymond Montes about his upcoming rematch with Tony Valdez on December 7, 2012 at the Fire and Ice event at the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

December 7th is two months away, have you started training camp?

Yeah, well the thing is I never really leave my gym, that’s home for me. I’m in there all the time. Ready to get it with Tony again you know I think we have some unfinished business that we can finish this time.

Just judging from the smile what’s the level of excitement, knowing about the rematch?

You see I’m a fighter naturally so I’m always ready to fight never excited to fight but always ready, but because everybody is anticipating this more than I am. It’s starting to wear off on me, every body’s attention over the fight coming off supposedly the fight of the year. I think my performance was a little bit bad. I wouldn’t declare it performance of the year or fight of the year but the people talk will see where we can take it from there.

In that you guys just fought, what’s the familiarity level like?

There’s none. I had to lose three pounds the day of the weigh-ins; I’m not putting that out as a excuse. Tony Valdez did what he had to do that fight you know I came out slowly with a bit of fatigue and he didn’t fight and on point “Hollewood” that night. He is able to understand what I was missing in the first fight and it will be a whole lot less rounds this time.

Your saying you weren’t 100%it wasn’t a full you out there, do you think that it was the full him out there?

Home boy was drinking Coconut water on the scale you know what I’m sayin how much more on point can he be other than hydrated ready to fight drinking on the scale I never seen that happen In my life.

Wow, drinking on the scale trying to add weight

Sounds like it will be a crazy fight again, what do you think will be the difference the second time around?

Less rounds, where on schedule for an eight rounder and we fought a six rounder last time. I don’t believe were even going six rounds this time. He got hit by fatigue, “Hollywood” then couldn’t push it, this time he’s going to get hit with the “Hollywood” on point  there leveled and won’t even have to cut weight, no dehydration, I just think he won’t be able to handle 117- 118 lbs., maybe just stay at 112 lbs. after this fight.

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